Welcome to DesertFishing…

Obviously, this blog is more about “fishing” than about the “fish,” and ironically, in some deserts I would rather leave unnamed. I agree: from a realist perspective, it is almost impossible to sift the doer from the process for they are mutually revealing. But this is almost disagreeable: aren’t deserts quite restraining for any traveler by its mere sweep? I can only guess. Anyhow, I’m using the desert image as a metaphor for a different kind of expanse within me, within you, the sphere within that’s ineffable we can only loosely label as soul or spirit. It is such a SOURCE not only of the tonnage of oil that hardworking OFWs rig and pay with the price of separation from their families. To me, it is such a photographic catch of our ordinary, daily struggles for food, peace, bills to pay, grief, illness, corruption, sexual rigidity or indulgence, small sources of comfort and a host of other personal, professional, family, relational, institutional, or global aridity or abundance. Deserts, I suppose, literally suck. But I think it’s worth attempting to cross it, if not, get a glimpse of it among men and fathers, in our innate need to relate with Someone bigger than our ego, men’s ego to say the least, and among the vulnerable sick in our midst needing our care. Come, let’s go desert-fishing…


2 thoughts on “Welcome to DesertFishing…

  1. i remember a scene in Lawrence of Arabia, where Peter O’Toole was asked what he liked about deserts. He replied, “It’s clean.”
    as for you, desertfish, i wish you well on your blog. can there be about desertfish that i need to know more, other than being a blogger who loves the sun, sand, but sans the sea, for fishing?
    God bless!

    Thank you for this opening comment. Ang alam ko, ang Novitiate, parang desert din yan, eh malinis at panahon ng paglilinis. Pero sa panahon namin, we had an elephantine fridge so it was very un-desertlike when it comes to gastronomic luxury.

  2. Through the desert one connects with the Source. He is in every grain of sand of our small lives. In every difficulty, pain, sorrow, and struggle of our lives… in our nothingness — we will find Him there.

    This is a beautiful blog. I hope and pray that many will come to read this and be inspired by it.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    Hi Ellen,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comments. You are spreading out the Energy that moves the Universe including the blogosphere. Blessings…

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