L’Arche: Desert of Divergence

L’Arche has become a cultural revolution of our age as it gradually debunked the conventional way of “warehousing” people with intellectual disabilities. L’Arche has been creating real homes and families for them worldwide and the L’Arche Community in Cainta is Philippines’ participation in this compassionate presence in the world. Not all of us share the burden and joy of living with people with intellectual disability. My small way of creating ripples of compassion is saying this L’Arche prayer I found from one of their communities:

O Father, we ask You to bless us,

and keep us safe in Your love.

May L’Arche be a true home,

where the poor in Spirit may find life;

a place where those who are suffering

may find comfort and peace.

Lord, give us hearts that are open,

hearts that are humble and gentle,

so that we may welcome those You send,

with tenderness and compassion.

Give us hearts full of mercy,

that we may love and serve;

and where discord is found,

may we be able to heal and bring peace;

and see in the one who is suffering,

the living presence of Your son.

Lord, through the hands of Your little ones,

we ask You to bless us.

Through the eyes of those who are rejected,

we ask You to smile on us.

Lord, grant freedom and friendship,

and unity to all the world.

And on the day of Your coming,

welcome all people into Your Kingdom.



One thought on “L’Arche: Desert of Divergence

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