Proton Therapy: Discovering Oasis

In the wake of the passing of film celebrity Rudy Fernandez, we think cancer once again has struck its fatal, cruel term too aggressively on him. Sadly, it has so. And to those non-celebrities who juggled life and death in so short a time from their diagnosis to their deathbed. Is there hope against such a vicious life-taker? Hope is such a generic term, of course, and its classifications range from the scientific to the spiritual. There is a lot of scientific undertakings going on, at least from the cancer center I used to work with. And one of these is the cutting edge proton therapy that offers more precise targeting of cancer cells. We need not go into its technical structure. The key terms for proton therapy are precision, non-invasive, and its social challenge – affordability. Here’s a prayer I composed (and was posted in a cancer website) on proton therapy:

God of wonders, God of intricate matters,

I thank Thee for the presence of protons

-its possibilities for curing cancers, its promises for

adding life to someone’s years.

I thank Thee for brilliant minds and assiduous

character for harnessing its power.

I thank Thee for the corporate desire

to transform a nuclear item into a communal good

and for Mother Earth for clutching a unique vision.

I thank Thee for the circular structure of the cyclotron

and the gantry – both reflecting the timeless

life-nurturing nature of arcs as familiar as

the protruding bellies of pregnant women,

or the house of the human brain,

or the bodies of dolphins.

May every hurting life be nourished in its inner circle.

May every necessity be welcomed justly into its

healing curve.



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