Global Warming, Local Warming

We feel it, we struggle with it, even those who haven’t heard or watched Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. It’s reflected in our Meralco or Maynilad bills much to our dismay. It’s the global warming of course. What else to expect in the coming months or years – flood today, drought the following day? It is an epochal change going on. Call it a geophysical crisis, a point of transition towards global transformation, an awakening towards a higher, more responsible human consciousness. I still believe GW is pregnant with possibilities of positive evolutionary change. And in a Hegelian fashion, takes the triadic route of thesis+antithesis=new synthesis. But could somebody wait for this new synthesis before seeing their bills reasonably lowered and all other extraneous charges expunged? Hmmm. Why not ask Juday? Or ask ABS-CBN to come up with her own The Convenient System Loss. Darn. I need a good laugh these days of skyrocketing bills. Thank heavens I found this video from TED. It’s about local warming that’s ingeniously amusing. If this is within your range of humor, then why hold back the fun? Or would you rather sit on your sofa and get bombarded over and over by Juday’s prelude to her The Convenient System Loss? More stresstabs, please. Generic.


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