Reality Overload

Now and then, I would be posting stories and prayers culled from my personal encounters with cancer patients. Those who know me must have known these through my un-published manuscript – A Dialogue With Being: Prayers and Reflections from the Bedside and Beyond.

At an emergency center:

C.Fellow: Hi, your face is familiar.

Patient: I know what you mean.

C.Fellow: You look like Tommy Lee Jones.

Patient: I know…people have been telling me that. I don’t like his notoriety though in his movies.

C.Fellow: So what kind of movies do you watch?

Patient: I have favorite movies and TV shows. I like to watch Jag.

C.Fellow: What about reality shows?

Patient: I don’t watch those stuff. I have enough reality.

When I’m hooked up to American Idol or other “reality” shows, buttressed by the clinical evidence of constricting blood vessels and bulging eyes, pucker-faced at every Simon Cowell’s nasty comment, chances are either, I am actually looking for a Cowell figure who would tell me what a clutter I’m in; or, I’m too restless to settle and self-recollect and have a more than a popcorn-gobbling presence with… guess Who?


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