D’ Gospel According to Oprah

Let’s get to the one-peso question: Do you like Oprah? I like Oprah, even before I barraged her mailbox with countless emails for her version of Wish Ko Lang 4 years ago, asking for the most fancy folding Dahon bike that weighs about 6kg. She was not gracious enough to respond to my plea. “You don’t have to know Plato or Aristotle to SERVE,” she told the Stanford graduates of 2008. I suspect this is the underlying reason why most people of religions are not really fond of her though keep track of her. Oprah is simply the embodiment of American pragmatism. She is one of the most practical persons in the world, the queen of streetsmarts. Her practicality, in the tradition of American philosopher William James, glorifies the INDIVIDUAL, and RELIGIONS DON’T LIKE THIS because it negates the Platonic Absolutes including GOD. Lately though, one could sense her search for her soul by befriending Eckhart Tolle for example. Still, religions have much to learn from her practical (should religions read this as ‘incarnational’?) approach to empowering individuals. The irony is: the more an individual is empowered in the most positive sense, the more she realizes that she belongs to the Greatest Good.


3 thoughts on “D’ Gospel According to Oprah

  1. Peace Be With You
    Oprah need Prayer. Number One Jesus Christ is my Savior. And it is not a Religion it is a Relationship with Our Lord.
    For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life.

    He is pure Love.

    Lord Bless You

    Hello Godskid, thank you for extending the peace, God’s peace. Come, visit me often.


  2. Oprah is entertainment, first and foremost. That she uses her entertainment throne to once in a while do things that are meaningful is proof that human drama brings in ratings.

    Doesn’t mean she’s bad. In fact, she does do a lot of good. The problem is when her influence brings people to books like “The Secret” instead of the Bible, and to memes like “paying it forward” instead of simply serving the poorest of the poor.

    So, the long and short of it is I like Oprah because she tries to do good in an industry soaked in hedonism…. but I’m also afraid of her — scared of the way she can so easily influence so many people. The minute she starts going off the deep end, and promoting atheism, satanism or polytheism, we are in a world of trouble.

    Hi Lionel, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I almost forget it, and you’re right in that Oprah is first but entertainment. Yes, i agree also that she’s quite a cultural icon to reckon with and i hope that her charisma will not spiral into some meaningless, postmodern, Nietzschean meandering, tagging with her the whole of America. Peace to you.


  3. i have to agree with lionel. the danger is how she influences a lot of people by taking her journey toward spirituality in public. i admit i was an avid fan but when she started promoting THE SECRET, i did a lot of research and, well, i stopped watching her show.

    if at some point an idea will drastically change one’s belief, i believe a lot of studying should be done. i just wished she did it first in private considering how a lot of people literally follow everything that comes out of her mouth and actions.

    my advice to everyone (including myself), read the Bible first before believing into something you are not entirely aware of. Jesus Christ is our Saviour and God the Father is the ONLY Creator. we are not creators.

    Hello ifoundme,
    Thank you for the visit and the deep musing on Oprah. I guess The Secret was a spiritual turnoff for a lot of people not only because everything that Oprah promotes turns into a money machine but primarily because, again, The Secret enthrones the INDIVIDUAL and the HUMAN WILL (to success, fame, wealth) which is a half-baked truth. Even the Son of Man had to go through the tyranny of the Cross. The real secret, according to holy men and women of ages past is chewing one’s food slowly while being grateful that photosynthesis in the universe still works; getting one’s hands dirty cleaning the restroom while offering the labor to God and to every user in the house; or saying a little prayer for victims of natural calamities while watching the evening news.
    Peace to you…


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