A Desert of Fireflies

Image credit: Nature Journal

I write freely these days apparently like a flying eagle, out of passion. The term simply carries the theological timbre of pain, or thirst, or a self-emptying process. Since last year, I wrestled with some lyrics on some cancer realities and collected close to fourscore and 7 articles on cancer and spirituality. And passion could flicker like fireflies in many forms. Or germinate in Petri dishes of many sizes. If reading is a peep-at-a-dish, or a curious face-to-face with the dwelling flitting fireflies of the mind and soul, so are blogs and mailing lists as deserts of those fireflies of freedom; sort of a Petri dish “experiment in truth” to ambitiously use Gandhi’s phrase. Yes, I like to marvel more with those fireflies. Or proctor on those Petri dishes such as blogging for cancer patients. Here is one good sustaining reason: ACOR, or the Association of Cancer Online Resources being the largest collection of online support communities, delivers an average of 1.5 million individual emails per week from around the globe. Amazing! It collects hundreds of mailing lists ranging from a support group that tackles financial issues to non-denominational faith support group to psychological coping. Perhaps, this is one promise of cyberspace – the possibility of fashioning the face of the global cancer community into online communities of flitting human beauty. Great site and source of support for our cancer patients! Keep the lights flickering. Recommend or register.


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