A Grain of Desert Sand

Simon said in reply, “Master, we have worked all night and have caught nothing, but at your command I will lower the nets.” Luke 5:5

What are you fishing on these days and wanting for a catch?

Here’s my take.

There is in each of us a soft spot that could easily be baited on, akin to a toddler easily cajoled with a chocolate bar, if possible the biggest share. Regardless of belief, social status, school experience, or biological differences, all of us are easily wheedled into the world’s wisdom to be great be it through the wares of money, intelligence, popular nods, religiosity, technology, talents, or influence. Who doesn’t want to be great while changing our small world with all the gifts that gush forth from the gate of Heaven for believers, or the gate of Reason for our atheist brothers and sisters? Consciously or unconsciously, there is a taint of desire for greatness in every private or public task; it is our basic thirst for self-transcendence. It is only a matter of degree that separates one doer from the other.

I imagine Simon to be a great fisherman and provider, believed to have owned a small fishing industry by the Lake Galilee. Fishing was his talent and he may have sat at the local Bureau of Fisheries, in contrast to Romulo Neri’s appointment to CHED. Spent and exhausted, he found himself one Galilean morning in the region of irrelevance. Sort of an imaginary President, in her quiet times at the Palace, belted with a PhD in economics from the prestigious University of the Philippines plus a crash course with Bill Clinton from Georgetown, now haunted by the same Petrine complain from the citizenry. Sort of. Sort of believers asking the religious hierarchy, armed with ecclesiastical degrees, where the moral voice is and the muscle, and not their moral abdication from the cancer of corruption. Sort of. And the Petrine parallels could curl down into the pit of our personal lives. Maybe, this country is merely fishing on the surface? Are you ready to be irrelevant at some crucial moments, to make room for that reassuring voice summoning you to go deep and lower your nets? I am living the question.


7 thoughts on “A Grain of Desert Sand

  1. Romulo neri has no balls at all. Sayang, he knows better that silence in times of truth is worse than Judas’ betrayal of the Lord. He could have been a hero in the eyes of God and of men, but instead he chose the wrong path to damnation.

    Yes Bro, that could have been his chance to “lower his nets,” down from the superficial, temporary comfort of presidential promises into the depth of his soul where truth resides. Everybody bets “lowering one’s net” is a scary thing; often, i find myself tiptoeing towards the truth of trusting the deep.

  2. My opinion? Neri should be shot for being a turncoat, but that’s just the irreverent side of me talking. hehehe…
    God bless!

    BU, can we make him a dart board instead to make him realize that the way he bootlicks has a generational adverse effect? LOL.Thanks for dropping by…

  3. i guess it takes a lot of courage and humility in lowering the net as you say. are we all willing to do it? i guess the answer is no. mahirap gawin eh.

    ifm, indeed cowering is almost everybody’s virtue. but CHOICE is the name of the game. plus it takes tons of prayers to rise above our moral mediocrity. good to hear from you…

  4. What kind of desert is this? What is it called?

    Me! me! I want to answer this.

    Oi tawon doi Undoy Nazokat, mao kini ang gitawag nga DESYERTO NING AKONG PAGTOO.

    Hinaut nga nasabtan nimo kay kung wala… daghan ang moininles para kanimo naa si BlueP ug si DesertFishing basin intrahan sad ni Brother Utoy ambot na lang tawon sa langaw kung pilay edad sa ok-ok.

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  6. Neri’s had reached a crossroads of sorts. His own defining moment and he failed.

    I just wish I will have the courage and sense of decency to rise up to the challenge when my time has come.

    Will I go the way of Neri? Will I pass muster? I don’t know. Only time will tell. “,)

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