Heavy Metal Monk

Would you believe that there is flow in everything, even in singing heavy metal music? This Capuchin monk does and caught the world’s attention with what he believes to be the most energized music of all – METAL MUSIC. Now, websites including Stupid Celebrities where I quote verbatim a short profile of his, are featuring him. MSNBC News has a longer news story about him.

A Capuchin monk is a convincing lead singer in an Italian heavy metal rock band. Friar Cesare Bonizzi, a 62-year old Friar describes himself as a “preacher-singer”.

“Brother Metal,” Cesar Bonizzi has been singing for over a decade, and last month wowed heavy metal fans at Italy’s “Gods of Metals” festival, where he performed with his band Fratello Metallo (Metal Brother) alongside groups such as Iron Maiden.

If you were a monk, would you rather spend your hours chanting the Gregorian, or infusing wisdom on Metallica? Or creatively metallize the Gregorian chants? God’s Spirit is free music like the wind’s whistle.


6 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Monk

  1. God must be smiling at ‘Brother Metal’ — a lot! Quite pleased. God poured out talents on everyone. Now it’s up to us on what to do with it and how. The Why is pretty much understood, I am sure.

    “God’s Spirit is free music like the wind’s whistle.” RIGHT!

    God could be banging head, or jig self-forgetfully. You and me, we rock differently to different rhythms. Thanks, Ellen, for the spiritual notes. Have a rockin’ weekend with your band…

  2. cool! i wonder how this monk realized he has this particular taste in music? but i think it’s wonderful, after all, god is universal, you’ll never know he might be tuned in to bossa nova now or maybe rock later.

    it is indeed cool, PM. reminded me of the closing clip of Evan Almighty where Steve Carell (Noah) and Morgan Freeman (God) got to sway their hips in celebration. Freeman as God had one of the coolest beams ever, innocent beam. thanks for dropping by…

  3. That is actually the charism of the Franciscans– being free. That is what separates us (Capuchins) from the other orders because we are called to be a brother to all. Thus we preach the Gospel in every way possible including being in a Rock Band. In the Capuchin order here in the Philippines, there are actual Capuchin brothers who are nurses, cooks etc. They still live in the convent yet they wear the Capuchin habit in their work. That’s why Capuchins are cool. They can proclaim the Gospel in any form and in any calling. Its actually a vocation within a vocation. Kung saan ka magiging mabunga, dun ka. Di katulad ng ibang order na their only charism is managing schools, managing charities, establishing missions etcetera.

    Nga pala, probably the monk is not an ordained priests since Capuchin Priests has a very structured ministry. They only allow such apostolate in Perpetually Professed Capuchin Brothers. Kaya hula ko, professed Capuchin Brother si Lolo

    Oy Bro, salamat sa mga clues at info about your Order.

  4. One of the things I loved about being a Capuchin was this ability to reach across to my brothers and sisters without ever being condescending. As a rock 8 roll musician now (no longer a Capuchin, except in spirit) my wife and I spend lots of time with people in bars, as well with band members, praying. My experience of being a friar showed me that there is no “class” of people with whom I cannot be a brother. The music is a way of letting people know how much God loves them. Even this week, our keyboardist lost his son. The band will play at his memorial service (the young man is not a Catholic). We were asked to play Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” because we offer it with so much spirit. Trust me when I play the lead guitar on that song in that church, I will be praying for his family and friends, and especially the salvation of his soul. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to reach out to the really hurting people and love as Jesus did…right where they are.

  5. Hi P-D, i’m glad you dropped by and shared your thoughts and sentiments as an ex-Capuchin now a rocker/band member. Capuchins are really steeped in the Christlike attitude of inclusion and this is so admirable of them. Keep on playing your music that embraces everyone.

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