Men Who Love Being Men

“It is true that men must get in touch with the aggressive energies buried in their bodies.


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Men cannot realize a genuine awakening of their vitality, though, unless they participate fully in the world of emotions and feelings, a dimension of themselves that is constantly projected onto women (and homosexuals). Men can no longer get away with attributing to women a weakness that is actually their own. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are parables of man’s repressed anima, of his emotional world still unawakened, scorned, subjugated, and neglected. Vulnerability, feeling, intellect, strength, and courage do not belong exclusively to either men or women. These qualities are the common heritage of humanity.”

Guy Corneau – Absent Fathers, Lost Sons: The Search for Masculine Identity

A mouthful to munch. By me for sure. Maybe, by the mankind in Malacanang who project manhood by their obstinate love of power and money. Or maybe by the men who say their matin who argue with obduracy that women actually do lack the heritage of humanity to become priests-leaders. Just daydreaming.


3 thoughts on “Men Who Love Being Men

  1. I think it’s not about “lack of Leadership” on the part of women that pushes them aside for priesthood. It’s more dogmatic, traditional and theological in nature. Others may think otherwise, but then again that’s their frame of mind. There are responsibilities of priests that are beyond the capacity of women, given the fact that their physiological anatomy can never withstand the pressures of masculine toils, dictated of course not by their social status, but by their very nature as females. And this is not to diminish their equal rights, it just so happens that God deemed it to happen. Thus we don’t read in the scriptures any active responsibilities of women in the Evangelization and the ministry (New Testament) except those of domesticated labor of love for the brothers in mission and their presence as an active witnessing to the Grace and Mercy of God, as such was the case of Mary Magdelene.

    sensya na ngayon lang ako naka bloghop uli.

    Hi Bro, thanks for taking the time to share your theological sentiments. I would like to agree with you that it is not about the “lack of leadership” on the part of women because it is about a kind deprivation by our very patriarchal ecclesiastical structures. Dogmatic? Yes. Tradition? Yes. These are the fortresses of a seemingly irrevocable practice not to ordain women. But theological groundings for prohibiting women to the ordained priesthood? This is where the contest is. Nowhere in the NT did Jesus rule out women from becoming priests. If Christ did not prohibit it, does this mean that the Church can? O baka naman kasi mas lalong magmukhang babae lang ang ating mga kaparian at mga obispo pag natapat sila sa naka-chasuble na women priests sa altar, hehe. Teka lang, sumosobra na yata ako, ah. Ang isang tanong ko lang kasi – how much strength does one need to preside over the Eucharist for example? Sige Bro, mahabang usapan to.

  2. No no, its not about strength– i mean practical reasons. Remember that the Eucharist is just one of the 7 sacraments meron pang anim.

    Practical reasons fro example, if the woman priest has Dismennorhea, or she just have a period, would you think all of them can respond to an on call situation like for example anointing of the sick, emergency baptism and the last rites.

    another one, if the situation calls for their service and it is in the middel of the night in a far flung area, would you think they would traverse the dark road alone? Men can do that without any company.

    another one is that you cannot put one female and one male in a parish for obvious reasons. Hindi naman pwede na sa parokya lang na ito halimbawa eh babae lang ang pari etc.

    It is true that there is no explicit mention of women being proiests in the bible but remember that the church has been studying the scriptures for centuries and there is a biblical basis for that— the Last supper (institution of the Eucharist) wherein only the disciples and Jesus were present.. this is because Jesus commissioned the 12 apostles to hand down the Eucharist.

    The rules of the Church is finite when it comes to priesthood.

    it wouldnt be declared by JPII as a perpetual rule for the Church not to admit women in priesthood if it was not in the bible and if it is not doctrinally backed up.

    hehe my two cents

    Thanks again Bluep for taking the time. We are not alone in our questioning and reasoning, even if they are of varied accent and concerns. i see some loose ends on your arguments but i won’t elaborate much my sides for the simple reason that this could actually get lengthy. But as regards to the practical reasons that could bar women from perporing their ministries, here’s my 2 cents: there are always practical reasons when ministers, regardless of sex, fall short from their task. It could be drunkenness or diabetes, isolated families they have to support with, boredom that results to gambling, and many others. Let’s keep praying for the Church while asking ourselves the hard questions we ask.

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