Gnashing Piranhas

I banged the office table with my pen-clutched, stronger, left fist. My 5-year old Lancel watch was tossed to


the floor, breaking the fixture where the replaceable leather band is attached. I screamed at her face while speaking my views over an administrative issue that was forcibly snapped back at me as a personal insult. She rattled incessantly; I tried to explain while demanding her listening ears.  Now I had 2 reasons to flare up regardless if one is a woman or a transvestite: first, insults are not synonymous with complaining professionally, and second, if somebody won’t listen, I might as well scream to further irk her until we reach a certain emotional plateau where our rage echoes forth and we hear it. She screamed in return, fortunately in a language I don’t understand because it was Hangeul. Mutual riddance. I marshaled my argument minus the cussing. Then somebody pitched in to referee and pacified what he thought was a gendered attack on my part. I disagreed but conceded to the slightly violent behavior I showcased. It was a scare-piranha, me on my defensive mood, and perhaps some of the funnelled frustrations over the years. I love diversity but some Kim Sam Soons, much like the President, could stretch and stress you out you sometimes forget you are living in your own country that’s soon to be ruled by the next-in-line Muslim Bangsamoro. We ended up mutually apologizing.

How did I calm down? I organized the not-so-tidy Filipinos, showed them their mess during the medical mission that day, and orchestrated to stoop to the strewn trash in chorus. It was sort of gathering my scattered energy. Then blogged on grilling Galilean fish.

Looks like a good time to apologize to people I hurt in the past. I’M SORRY. This desert piranha is still learning the way of peace, and hopefully will learn it more if not over-governed in the future by the gun-toting Moro Islamic Liberation Front and this Government.


4 thoughts on “Gnashing Piranhas

  1. I applaud you for your candidness about anger. And at the end of the incident, this experience brought you to a place of forgiveness. We all have this, but to be able to write it is brave. Many of us try to show only the prim and proper side, even in our writtings but you addressed not only your own humanity but all of us–your readers. This is a good post and thank you for teaching me to say sorry.

    Thanks bloggity for the cheers. It feels good to hug my shadows once in a while, or better play with it because it is all it needs sometimes.

  2. Hi Dfish,

    I can relate to this post. Nakapagtrabaho din ako sa organisasyon na iba’t ibang kultura. At minsan akala mo nabili nila ang kumpanya kung umasta. In some cases, we should make a stand. Thanks for adding me to your blogoases.

  3. Ah great to know you’re a human being too. lols Otherwise I would be thinking that you were so perfect as your thoughts — reflect it in the things you blog. 🙂 Flawed and imperfect just like the rest of the human race. Fantastic. That gives God His job. lols — He continues His work in us in shedding unnecessary and unwanted layers to reveal the beauty that is within.

    Seriously, I like your writing style — simple and honest.
    Blessings to you and your family.

    Hi Ellen, it is no coincident but fish in the OT symbolizes the gentiles. Yes, there is so much of the “gentile mold” in me that needs re-casting. Whew, I’m glad blogging is providing a unique box.

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