Faith Fishing

A Faith Fish Tale

credit: flicker

There were three men who went fishing on the shores of the Sea of Hope after hearing there were Big  Blessing Fish to be caught. They were all seasoned fishermen equipped with the same brand of fishing gear. The rod of confession, strung with the line of patience and on the end was the hook of faith.

The day was overcast, the water was murky and a storm was brewing out on the horizon. The first man cast out his hook of faith. He sighed as he looked at the depressing sky and thought “This is not a good day for fishing.” After casting his line a few times and finding he didn’t even get a nibble, he looked back up to the sky and seeing the storm was moving closer he cursed the day then picked up his gear and went home.

The second man came to the shore, looked up at the sky, assessed the storm and wrinkled his nose at the murky water. He also thought “This is not a good day for fishing.” Still he cast out his hook of faith several times but he got it snagged a few times. The sky was growing darker as the storm came overhead, raindrops began coming down, he became discouraged and also went home.

The third man came to the same place on the shore and as he took out the rod of confession the rain fell harder. He strung his line of patience and baited his hook of faith, lightning began to boom off in the distance. He looked up at the sky then down at the water that had become even murkier from the falling rain and declared “This is a great day for fishing!” then he cast out his line wanting to catch the Big Blessing Fish.

As the thunder popped louder and the lightning flashed all around he kept casting out his line with the hook of faith. He got snagged many times but he kept casting. At the height of the storm he cast out the line and as the hook of faith sunk into the murky, raging water and into the unseen realm it took hold of that Big Blessing Fish that was promised to be in the Sea of Hope.

He struggled to reel in the Big Blessing Fish, it fought and fought for all it was worth, but he didn’t give up. Many times the man thought that the rod of confession would be pulled right out of his hands, but he still held on. The man grew weary but he never let go and after some time he had the Big Blessing Fish out of the water and in his fishing basket.

The storm abated and the water became calm and clear as the Son came out to chase away all the shadows. As he packed up his gear and picked up his Big Blessing Fish he looked up at the sky and said “This is a great day for fishing!”

Faith fishing with the line of patience is taking the Word of God, using the rod of confession and speaking it into the realm where we can’t see it.

The hook of faith takes hold of that thing which we cannot see. We don’t know what all is out there but we do know that there’s a blessing somewhere.

We know that God’s Word is true and we keep casting.

We don’t care how many snags we get, we know we just have to hold on until we bring it home.

By: Debra H.


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