In-Formation of the “Intestine” – Part I

N.B. I’m in a hurry to outread the previous post. Either I have psyched myself out, or sensed it forthcoming. The sad thing is there aren’t much sunsets this rainy season. Pardon for being earthy. Those crumbs of discomfort and bodily turmoil are equally vital to be negligible – which lead me to this post.

It’s been a while that the world was initiated into the era of information, with the internet as its main tool.


credit: daylife

For those who have access, limited or bottomless, information via the internet is almost as essential as water is to the body. Beyond feeding the neural senses, there is also the simple satisfaction stemming out of connecting through emails and the growing number of social networks. Undoubtedly, the virtual world, while very hard to tally its pros and cons ratio especially across generational strata, is eating up a considerable pie of our time.

My Korean colleague confirmed that internet speed in South Korea is 100 times faster than that of the Philippines. Such a speed is quite a run down considering that the Philippines has a horde of highly competitive IT professionals in the world.

But my colleague also confirmed about a growing phenomenon that is socially alarming. Being host to the largest Pentecostal church in the world, the phenomenon is being outlined in pastors’ sermons – the phenomenon of “connection frigidity.” It is about students, who upon coming home from school, impulsively run to their computer rooms and connect virtually or play their bookmarked games. The same phenomenon is also infecting both office and non-office based personnel. Absence from their monitors, or even smacked by an empty inbox could make them frigid and fidgety. Something is amiss in the absence of a virtual connection and capable enough to make them restless. Nowadays, Korean parents are fabricating scarecrows out of technology to discipline their young – no computer games for 1 hour for a misdemeanor. Quite a divergence from the discipline of the days of old when tots were psychologically terrorized by the mere mention of policemen.

Is the “connection frigidity” the new angst of our age that’s going to cause more “intestinal,” inner disorders? How much of the human choice is being held hostage by technology at the expense of one’s health – both physical and spiritual?


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