Racist BBC Show Episode

Yes, after the Desperate Housewives disparaging of Filipino doctors, here comes another racist flash from BBC that’s outraging Filipinos here and abroad. I am outraged by this episode from The Harry and Paul Show. To quote a national daily, here’s what happened:

“In the skit, a postman approached comedian Harry Enfield, who was agitated and was shouting at someone, and asked him what was going on.
It turned out that the co-host Paul Whitehouse was seated on a chair on his lawn and beside him was a gyrating young girl in a grey uniform and an apron.

Harry then told the postman that he was shouting at his Filipino maid to do her job and get his friend Paul to mate with her.

He kept ordering the girl to gyrate and dance in front of Paul and even instructed her to “hump him.” When an indifferent Paul stood up to go inside the house, Harry scolded the Filipina telling her to get out.

The scene ended with the postman sidling up to the Filipina and whispering to her as they walked off together.”

And the YouTube link:

Juvenile red-tail hawk regurgitates ball of hair, feathers and bones from latest meal.

Truly racist, insensitive, exploitative of women, demeaning, disgusting, revolting! Damn the BBC Management for allowing it! Let your voice be counted in this protest…


News credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer
Photo credit: kcactionphoto


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