In Search of the Old Soul

More than twice, I had contemplated about fireflies. Here is a beautiful read about these gentle creatures, spoken from the window of an old soul. Reading this very personal account of childhood reveries has steered me into a world of innocence now settling like ruffled, flying feathers after years of being busy in the world. From this point of innocence, the dark side of old age – loneliness – is joyfully acknowledged: simply, it is the other side of the soul that we humans have to bear until death. How often do I have to grapple with this soul’s shadow? How long do fireflies have to bear our modern-day escapist search for a panacea that is only found in our moments of solitude with the Sacred? This is the old soul in me; there is an old soul in you – perhaps as old as fireflies. I need not wait til my “senior moments” (if ever I get there) to embrace it. But certainly, I need old, wiser, musing souls tempered by time and Grace as guides. May this piece flicker before your eyes, as flickering as the smile of this old man:


Photo credit: Jen Saligumba


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