Friday With Desert Tortoises

I had a preconceived idea that tortoises have to live near a body of water to survive. But when I read the news about the 770 desert tortoises being relocated somewhere in Irwin, California to expand an army training (but then coyotes are devouring them), only then did I know that there are such kind. Yes, they do survive the desert heat and the winter cold by digging burrows. And their source of water? Only the moisture from grasses and wildflowers during spring. I’ll leave up to you to connect the dots between survival DT-style and our panic-prone human survival. Here’s a simple exercise through the photo below. Spend a few seconds staring straight at this tortoise’s eye and mouth and see if there are messages being spoken. You might want to share at the comment section what is it that this tortoise speaks to you.


Photo credit: Ecoscraps


2 thoughts on “Friday With Desert Tortoises

  1. Thanks for the appreciation. How i wish i could also play Joey A.’s Manong Pawikan. But someday when i’ll get my own self-hosted blog. I love to imagine swimming side by side with tortoises carefree because life is free.

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