Hungry People in a Christian Land

I’ve registered my blog for the Blog Action Day and been wanting to dedicate a post on this year’s theme on  POVERTY. But I must have messed up with the registration template that I could no longer log in. Hundreds, if not thousands of bloggers worldwide have shared a bit of their time and perspectives over the problem. I got to post one comment on one of the most respected blogs on the planet – Zen Habits. Leo, the author, has generated a horde of responses out of his post, from the acerbic to the admiring, responses that could bring readers to an exasperated breath: should poverty as a problem necessarily have to divide humanity? Maybe not because compassion, it seems, is uniting rather than divisive.

What partly goaded me to push through with this post was the evening news on the rising numbers of hungry people in this country the last 3 months. Hunger is obviously a generic term and through these years, I am learning the art of winnowing flash news because generic labels are what we often reap. News bytes are money: “3 million Filipinos now go hungry!” Now, carping is almost an evening convenience, sometimes more tasty than my dinner viand – against the Social Welfare program of the government, the husband of the Prez, the gown of the Prez, the lifestyle of the Prez’s Cabinet, etc. What’s the point? And any point to carp against? The point is there’s a difference between moderate hunger, people who experience hunger “once” or a “few times,  and severe hunger, or those who experience it “often”. Moderate hunger is rising while severe hunger is declining, according to the survey. Any point to carp against? It’s still the same problem: HUNGER. And in a Christian land. Has this country even started to trek the desert to get to our Promised Land? Or millions of hungry bodies and souls remain captive by the ala-Egyptian greed of the few? Whew! I’m glad there are a few Moses around to bury the greed of some. I can only pray they won’t be driven back to the deserts of oblivion like Moses and wait till they lost their confidence to lead: “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of Egypt.” They inspire me to live simply that others may simply live.


Photo credit: thoth037


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