Junk Foods

This report is based on the alarming increase of obesity incidence among children in the United States. But as developing countries in Asia continue to adopt Western lifestyle, obesity among Asian children must also be noted as a public health concern. It is growing as more and more children almost addictively gobble junk foods as if they are essential meals. I’m glad Yahoo has the audacity to publish this. 

10 Things the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

1. Junk food makers spend billions advertising unhealthy foods to kids.

 2. The studies that food producers support tend to minimize health concerns associated with their products.

 3. Junk food makers donate large sums of money to professional nutrition associations.

 4. More processing means more profits, but typically makes the food less healthy.

 5. Less-processed foods are generally more satiating than their highly processed counterparts.

 6. Many supposedly healthy replacement foods are hardly healthier than the foods they replace.

 7. A health claim on the label doesn’t necessarily make a food healthy.

 8. Food industry pressure has made nutritional guidelines confusing.

 9. The food industry funds front groups that fight antiobesity public health initiatives.

 10. The food industry works aggressively to discredit its critics.

You can read the whole Yahoo report here.


Photo credit: dmmaus


One thought on “Junk Foods

  1. im such a junk food lover to the max. cant complete my day without munching a pack of it nor cant survive a week without in any fastfood. im actually warned by doctors to avoid them due to health reasons but i cant help it huhuhu

    DFish: Huwag mo nang antayin ang memo ng DOH. ipangbalato mo na yan sa mga kapwa bloggers mo, gumawa ka ng mga pa-kontes at yang budget mo ang papremyo. damihan ng fries, hehehe

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