Siopao, Shellfish, and Frozen Juices

This is a response post to Chocolateword’s post on the Chinese Siopao. While in Houston, our Filipino friends also bombarded us with siopao to our gusto and delight. It was appetite power over matter then. Now, the paper content in siopaos will completely change the game.

Top 10 Food Products Exported from China to the United States
Fish and shellfish $ 2.013 billion
Fruits and preparations, including frozen juices $  816 million
Vegetables and preparations $  444 million
Soft beverages, processed coffee $  276 million
Feedstuff and food grains $  222 million
Bakery and confectionary products $  173 million
Tea, spices and preparations $  142 million
Nuts and preparations $  99 million
Meat products, poultry and edible animals $  98 million
Nonagricultural foods and food additives $  85 million

By volume, China is the largest exporter of seafood to the United States, and the second-largest in terms of monetary value. In particular, China exports significant amounts of shrimp and catfish products, which represent two of the ten most-consumed seafood products in the United States.

Last year, the United States imported nearly $2 trillion of goods worldwide, through more than 825,000 importers.


Source: US Department of Health and Human Services


2 thoughts on “Siopao, Shellfish, and Frozen Juices

  1. Wow, all the millions and trillions of dollars that these big chinese companies are making are astounding. They should know better than pay their workers $ 3.50 a day. (according to a Discovery documentary that I saw a few months ago) More and more, when I go to the store to replenish our food stocks, I try to be conscious of things I feed my children. But not to the point of being insanely paranoid and turn into a fruitarian or all raw food or something. Just a cautious perspective to defend my little ones to the dangers of some people’s desire to earn more money.

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