A Bow to my Blog Followers!

2009 November Note: A year ago, until now, English remains largely my language from silence and noise, but need to remind myself that silence transcends human speech, any mode of human talk.

To all my readers out there – some new-found friends through the web, perhaps some former classmates, some fellow Nicolanians and Mainitnons, some former colleagues, and the rest of you are simply curious websurfers – thank you for following this blog. Through one way or another, we always leave a trail somewhere, no matter how seemingly invisible, so long as “we’ve been somewhere” virtually or in person. This is my way of leaving a trail because deep within is the goad to be grateful as an “adopted child of God.” If you feel like connecting, then I encourage you to do so in whatever language you are comfortable doing. I write in English because I believe every language has its own integral beauty. Besides, spirituality is such an encompassing topic it requires a language that is global enough to go beyond cultural borders. Thank you, folks!


Photo credit: Maggie’s Worldm


9 thoughts on “A Bow to my Blog Followers!

  1. may naalala tuloy ako dyan sa one way or another na yan,…. yung naiwan kong hurt ravenges letter sa gay bar para kay pig/fat/obesse, i just want you to know dfish that im being to much happy for now and hopefully for life with the side by side by dennis and being so happiness together… i noticed that your blog today is so uberly seriously,you are looking not happy for a while, is there bothering you or anything one way or another?
    im really surprisingly happiness being one of your friends here in cybering connection, i hopefully can help you is there you have any problem my dear friend coz im bothering seing all my friendships so sad and uberly loneliness.
    happines be with you, always, my dearest!

    • Kakaloko ka talaga bok…nag post ako ng comment para capsikomse tapos biglang nag-offline. aliw na aliw ako dun sa paris honeymoon hahaha…tapos heto pa, exhibit number 4 sa love triangle with dennis hahaha…i’m happy bok…

  2. ganun? tapos na easter egg hunting, naman, masyado ng out of date yung price nya,…. eto ngat nakatapos nako maglaba/magkula/magbanlaw/ at namamalantsa nako bago nagkatawang blog itong blog mo, diko mapasok yung site ko, langya talaga oo idedemanda ko tong presidente dito e, intercepting of freedom hahaha, langya talaga dito bro, nakakapikon na, kaya lang nandito ikinabubuhay kaya tina tyaga nalang.

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