Congratulations, America!

What else is there to say? The world is crowded with words of jubilation, analysis, hope, and a gracious concession. Obama’s win is simply a historic “aha” moment, and every “aha” moment, said Joseph Campbell, is a ride on a mystery. Beyond the triumph of political strategies, could this election also be a spiritual experience on a national scale? I think so because even the desire for racial equality and healing is already a spiritual one. And so is the people’s clamor to end the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I agree – America is only one country with a long, tattered history of racism. Despite so, or because of this history, she once again showcased her pride, her confidence to change, her boldness to transcend wounding stereotypes, her courage to innovate the human condition. Congratulations, America for showing and inspiring the world that change is always possible! 




Photo credit: Grundlepuck


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