Man in the Mirror

Who could avoid the news of corruption these days? I guess none. But come to pause for a few seconds and take notice on who dominate the scene  – of both the arresting party and the accused. Obviously – MEN. When our children watch those men-dominated scenes, what messages about being men could their brain probably register? What images of being men are being passed on to our children? In this country, there seems to be an urgent need to re-invent MANHOOD, one that is especially not associated with being political bullies, corrupt bureaucrats, escapists, emotionally fridgid, or megalomaniac. Our children deserve images of MEN who are warriors in the sense of having the guts to cross the bridge of INTEGRITY, without hiding the fact that it takes some vulnerability to get there. Who is not weak enough to live up to the ideals of HEALTHY MANHOOD? Who is not strong enough to traverse the mountains of maturity? Now and then, MEN, I believe, need to look at the mirror. Here’s a dose of invitation from my Brother Old-Faithful Wolf I am posting with his permission.

See What is There

“When you look in the mirror, really look hard, do you see the man you really want to be? mirror

This is a question we ask ourselves in the ManKind Project.

So I am asking you…are you satisfied with what you see? How does it feel to look into your own eyes and hold the gaze. What is there? What is not there?

I’ll tell you from my experience, many men cannot and do not look at themselves in the mirror. Oh they may give themselves a glance here or there, but to stand with intention to look into your own eyes is pretty tough for most men.

Gonna try it? Look in the mirror and see what is there.”

I’m out.
Old-faithful Wolf


Photo credit: SullyT64 Photography


8 thoughts on “Man in the Mirror

  1. we still live in a culture that understands manhood as something ‘macho” or the machismo culture which we inherited from the spaniards. I think this is stupid. My perfect example of manhood is Jesus. No doubt about it.

    I agree, many men just act as if they have all the testosterones in the world, but truth to tell, they are just insecure.

  2. Mahalia, i guess sabihin na lang natin na fear begets fear, or gentleness begets gentleness. as in the case of the man in the mirror, looks like he’s really taking a hard look at himself and he sees fear from within. minsan, napoproject ito hindi lang sa banyo kundi hanggang parliament, malakanyang palace or Congress, heheh.

  3. Somewhere, there’s a need to break stereotypes about men – that they should always be successful, emotionally in control, power-grabbers, etc. let’s light one candle at a time, bluep…

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