Bloggers’ Prayer Brigade

At the height of the American election success, suddenly, the hunger for a great leader in this country is awakened in us. I was in particular moved by Jim’s article on the “ideal candidate”. Then Bluep posted about the Philippines’ rank in worldwide hunger that the idea of a bloggers’ prayer brigade as a simple way of giving name to the hunger was born. This is still an idea in a hot kalan – bloggers committing to praying personally maybe for 210 days, spreading the word, tagging others, linking, printing it out, and a host of other possibilities you could suggest. Bluep has volunteered to create a banner. Since a kick-off day is quite unrealistic because people would receive the prayer on different days or time periods, perhaps, it is really more of a personal commitment to pray for 210 straight days if possible. Counting then would be a self-responsibility; it is also a test of commitment with your God and sincerity for the country. Initially, I have composed this prayer and if there are necessary add-ons, just post on the comment section and I’ll be ready to revise this. I don’t want to take credit for this and I would rather tag it as a bloggers’ prayer moment.

There is too much going on in our country and true, it is more easy these days to get cynical than to stay hopeful. But hope is the most that we actually need. Obama, Jim said, did not really promise something concrete as to inspire and speak about hope and change. And as we go through the nitty-gritty of our small and big responsibilities, there is no denying that this country needs a leader, a great one. We all deserve a great leader. Are you ready to ask God for this?

Blogging community – you are invited to this prayer brigade! Bluep, I’ll be glad to hear your insights. Mahalia – hmm? You always do great with your GIMP.


9 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Prayer Brigade

  1. how about we make a prayer badge, tag people and post a small personal prayer on their blogs? suggestion lang po. I will mull this over for a few hours and come back and post other lightbulbs.

    I’d love to be part of this, God moves in the hearts of His people. Prayer is our way of asking God to move and God’s way of changing our hearts.

  2. yes I agree, it would be better if everyone would create their own prayer para personal. We will make it a meme so that we can keep track on the participants. I’ll kick this thing off maybe on sunday para day of the Lord, i’ll include a badge and a banner and also an isntruction onhow to go about the prayer etc. Just give me at least a day to think of a wonderful badge or banner and the instructions to.

  3. i’m working on the tag badge. would like me to submit it via email. I would make as many as I can muster, in between nursing and all that, hehehe, so that you can have as many choices as possible. I’ll wait for your go.

  4. ok bluep, sounds like a great idea for everyone to compose their own prayer for the country. yes, it doesn’t have to be a novena of sort. maybe, after consulting with other bloggers, we can set the most strategic date for the kick-off for bloggers to post their prayers. in between, is spreading the word through badges, tags, links, banners, etc. we’re getting some positive feedback from even seasoned bloggers.

  5. kasali pala ako dito. hehe! 100% i’m in. please let me know if there’s anything I can do more to help spread this campaign aside from blogging. I always believe that everything can and should start and end with praying so i’m definitely in.

    I have a few more suggestions pero kanino dapat ako mag-email? suggestions pa lang eh…

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