Miracle Vegetable – Malunggay!


This is going to be one of my biggest blog advocacies – MALUNGGAY, also known in the scientific world as  “Moringa oleifera“. This is not a new one. I am making this resolve though as my simple response to the desert of child poverty and malnutrition tearing and searing through the skin of our being and society. Philosopher-priest Teilhard de Chardin used to contend that the problem of the modern Christian is how to reconcile faith in God and faith in the world. And my modest response is we need not be well-versed on the recent advances in genomics or space discovery to appreciate beauty around us. Often, beauty is simply beholding the often snobbed ordinary things around us, MALUNGGAY included. How could the brain delete those childhood moments when we supped the hot native chicken in a broth dotted with malunggay leaves? Mabuhay ang MALUNGGAY!

As a start, I would simply outline some facts about Malunggay from an article from Philippine Panorama dated March 2, 2008 written by Henrylito D. Tacio entitled Malunggay: Nature’s Medicine Cabinet.

  • Malunggay is the official logo of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology
  • it is promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a low-cost health enhancer in poor countries
  • the National Science Foundation, the National Geographic Society and the Andrew Mellon Foundation in the United States are reportedly financing scientists to collect the world’s 13 malunggay species
  • it is the most locally available response to the expensive classical approach to treating malnourished children that consists of whole milk powder, vegetable oil and sugar
  • And lastly, the former defamed President Ferdinand Marcos was a malunggay addict

Keep you posted again about Malunggay. I also welcome other resources you might want to share in this blog. Everybody knows – one doesn’t have to be a President, needless an infamous one, to become a certified malunggay addict.


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