Blog Prayer Brigade for the Future 2010 President of the Philippines

Thanks to the generous response from a handful of bloggers, the Blog Prayer Brigade is now officially open. Special thanks to Bluep who lends his artistic blogging prowess to create a badge you can place on your sidebar. The official link of the campaign is right here. I’ll come back after listing down people I would heartily invite to join this crusade. Again, Bluep, a toast of tuba to you…


Copy these rules including the logo above and paste in on your blog as is:

1. Write a short, sincere and meaningful prayer, (in your own words and according to the customs of your religious affiliation) about asking God in guiding our country and fellowmen in choosing the right candidate to vote for in the coming 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections. It can be in your own vernacular, and can be short and long as you please. Remember, the goal of the prayer is not only for Peaceful Election but most of all “for the guidance of choosing the right Presidential candidate to vote in the election”

2, Publish the prayer for everyone to Read in your blog.

3. Go to the Blog Prayer Brigade Main Page which is located here, and get one of the badges or banners for the brigade. Place the badge or banner in your Sidebar until the 2010 Presidential Elections commence.

4. Make an oath by filling the blank below with your handle/or name

I, DFish (name) support the cause of the Blog Prayer Brigade for the election of the Future President of the Republic of the Philippines and I do solemnly promise to recite the prayer, which I wrote, in my own convenient time and regularly as possible until the 2010 Presidential Election commences. Let it be written, let it be done.

5. Tag at least 7 Pinoy bloggers you know who haven’t done this before so that the prayer will spread wherever there is a pinoy blogger present.

6. Keep you promise of praying for the Presidential Election so that God may guide us in choosing the right leader for our country.

7. in January 2010, we will gather all the names and prayers of each participant and publish all their prayers in one Blog. We will also feature in the blog the most beautiful prayer ever composed in this project.

————–COPY ENDS HERE————–


4 thoughts on “Blog Prayer Brigade for the Future 2010 President of the Philippines

  1. tol I noticed that the quality of the logo you posted here is not good so I posted on my blog a HD graphic of the logo which can be used.

    and also there are changes in the rules. Copy paste mo na lang uli lahat including the “copy starts here” and “copy ends here” para indicated sa iba na pati yun ay icocopy

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