Blogging as Praying

Pssst! Time out muna. Dasal muna tayo. Mga bagay-bagay kamo na pwedeng i-blog, marami tayo nyan. Nitong 2008 lang, ay naku, ang dami ng problema ng Pilipinas. Kelangan pa ba nating bilangin? Huwag na, idaan na lang natin sa dasal. Ipakita natin na sa munting sulok na to ng www, pwedeng tayong magkaisa muna para sa bansa. Totoo, nakakadismaya ang mga pangyayari. Pero tuloy lang tayo: dasal, kilos, asa. Dasal. Kilos. Asa. Lalo na, asahan nating matuloy ang eleksyon. May pag-asa pa kayang magkaroon ng isang dakilang pinuno? Sige, i-blog natin. Kung naniniwala ka sa iisang Diyos na taga-hubog ng mga dakilang pinuno, sali na. At magyaya ka na rin ng iba pa para marami tayo. Mabuhay ka at ang iyong pag-asa, kapatid!


Whether one is living in the country or abroad, one feels, hears, or senses the bad news that are dragging our country into grimmer social decay. The year 2008 has been a very troubling one especially for poor Filipinos – the purportedly rice shortage, big financial scams, endless Senate investigations, road accidents, etc. Needless do we have to enumerate or analyze them here. For all we know, there are ranges of negative reactions and consequences to all our human-made problems: anger, hopelessness, suffering, cynicism, loss of confidence in our leaders, or further divisive fights. These seem to be the normal courses of our moral and emotional senses because the truth is – deep in each of us is a lump of hungers for a better and safer Philippines, for a more honest government, for simple abundance for our families, for peace and justice. Much have been written, analyzed, or on familiar ground, blogged about. The Filipino thinking and storytelling talent has remained in steady, if not growing supply, thanks partly to blogging. As we cap the year, most likely, it is with a high degree of tiredness and frustration upon seeing the wide gap between our mentally imagined results versus the actual ones.

How about creating a small space for sacred rest within your blog by praying for the country? This is what our prayers for the 2010 election will be all about. For one blogging moment, let’s unite our voices before God. Be part of the Brigade because truly – YOU COUNT IN THIS COUNTRY!

I am extending the invitation to the following bloggers (and will continue next week; luto pa ako ulam):



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