Local Cancer Care Resources

I am equally passionate about cancer care; in fact, this blog is created as partly my advocacy for cancer care. I have seen how it has devastated lives; I am also witness to the resiliency of the human spirit to soar with hope. I have been with families’ hearts torn apart; I have witnessed families mustering unity and strength as well.

Cancer, from a popular view, is still a “rich man’s burden,” very much Western of origin. This popular view, however, is eroding as cancer incidence in developing countries are now being documented as rising. The media is also playing a big role in this information dissemination, as TV stations now allot time for health programs, and foreign-trained cancer specialists guesting while trimming down the technical complexity of cancer into more understandable terms. As an opinion, there seems to be a rising mass consciousness of the disease plus the coping programs that go with it.

Partly through this blog, I’ll be exploring and featuring local resources for cancer care. Initially, I have contacted the Suntown Camp under the aegis of the Children Cancer Foundation to be my first feature. Camps for children and their caregivers with cancer, by the way, is also a fun-trend in the United States. Here’s a snapshot of what the Camp is all about:

SUNTOWN CAMP FOUNDATION, INC. brings together children who are either ill with cancer or in remission, children who have parents that has been diagnosed with cancer, and children with serious illness. The Camp allows the children to understand and accept their situation, express their feelings, and see that they are not alone in their struggles.  They spend time together with children sharing a similar journey, in a fun, healthy and loving atmosphere.  At the camp they make new friends and discover new interests within a community of caring adults who provide them needed attention to boost their self-esteem.”


If you know of a child and family who deserves a quality, fun time to make the most out of life’s storms, then, you might want to recommend this fun-loving group. My co-blogger IFM just relayed to us that a young child had succumbed to cancer. Very sad as this is especially for her family, she nonetheless expressed her readiness to hold Jesus’ hands. IFM, Isabella is still in my mind and prayers.


Photo credit: timetofly


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