Advent Reflection or Oral Sex Instruction?

Fasten your seatbelt, folks, for another serious post. If you are a regular visitor, you must have gotten used advent11 to the tone of this blog which is often an attempt to simply invite you and me into some spiritual merienda.

How I wish I could make this as tempting as a Youtube home-baked instruction on oral sex which has 25 million views already and running. But it looks like cunnilingus and contemplation is a strange concoction in one blog corner. I mean, seriously, how many hits does the courageous Bishop Cruz blog-crusade against corruption and illegal gambling in this country get everyday? Maybe a wormlike crawl to 100, and mostly from seminarians and fellow clergies? I don’t really have the figure to be honest. Thomas Merton’s Youtube reading on the role of contemplative spirituality for our times has a speck of the 25 million – around 5,000.

But you know what? If you are hungry enough for God this Advent, then you can gather your scatterbrained attention and get to masticate slowly this quote from a 4th century Church Father – Bishop Eusebius of Ceasarea. So here’s the deal or no deal – Advent Reflection or oral sex instruction? I bet you would stay for a while, aren’t you?

“The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight the paths of God.”

“The prophecy makes clear that it is to be fulfilled, not in Jerusalem but in the wilderness: it is there that the glory of the Lord is to appear, and God’s salvation is to be made known to all mankind.

It was in the wilderness that God’s saving presence was proclaimed by John the Baptist, and there that God’s salvation was seen.

The prophecy meant that God was to come to a deserted place, inaccessible from the beginning.”

Apparently, through all these months of blogging, the desert image has mainly occupied my blogging space. Do I like the image? It’s a half-hearted yes too often because human being like me, said TS Eliot, cannot actually bear much reality. And the real “deserts of life” are actually much painful, ego-stripping, poverty-laden, isolating, confusing. But I’ll whisper to you one thing: it is SPIRITUALLY PROMISING, the assurance nurtured only by blessed hope and faith. What kind of desert that’s building you up currently? Or you get to wrestle with? Unexpectedly, that’s where you will meet the Sacred; that’s where God will speak direct to your heart the way God spoke to Israel through Hosea. It’s called presence, or salvation, or the birth of the Messiah. The question is: can you wait even painfully? Because this is what Advent is all about – waiting and listening with our personal or national deserts. I’m glad you stayed throughout this short reflection without swerving to the other offer. God bless you as you stay on with this desert of waiting we call Advent.


Art credit: Rev. Peters


6 thoughts on “Advent Reflection or Oral Sex Instruction?

  1. that’s true. Readers today are so sex-driven that even innuedos on youtube get a million hits. I think this should be a lesson to us spiritual bloggers, to incorporate variation in our blog but with lessons ayt least so that readers would be educated that faith is not that boring if only they would read.

    I have this presbyterian friend on blogspot who writes sooooooo extensively but just talking about authors which people really doesnt know.

    He write at least 5000 words per entry and yet the topic is all about authors etc etc.

    when i told him to iintegrate the reality to his entries ayun saka sya nagkaroon ng readers. mas madami pa sya commenter sa akin ngayon.

    I started before as a straight spiritual blogger. Pero I realized that they dont read such stuff. sio what I did is to inject secular stuff with moral lessons and sometimes faith. saka lang ako nagkatraffic.

    the point is we all need to update ourselves without compromising our faith. Like this entry of yours. you blog about sex but at the same time you inject a witty humor and the truth about religion, catholic to be exact.

    Dadami din tayo hehe wag ka magalala. lulunudin natin ang blogosphere ng mga sinusulat natin tungkol sa panginoon.

  2. uy, baka naman isipin mo na kaya ako nandito eh nakabasa ako ng sex sa post mo.ü

    this is a good reflection, dfish. i do hope people would go visit and read this post not because they’ve got the same mind as I do but because they truly have in their hearts the hunger for God.

    God bless!

    ps. si dedpish? ex-OMI. teenager pa lang yata. pero promising.

  3. Hello po. First time ko pong magcomment.

    Yeah, i agree, when it comes to sex driven videos, marami ang nanood sa youtube and it not only hit thousands but millions.

    Spiritual blogs or entries are boring to most readers that’s why it is challenge for (us) how are we going to make it more interesting. And I agree with what Bluep said that we should intergrate our entries with our daily life experiences without compromising our faith.

    Sige po, count me in! Let’s share the goodness of the Lord thru blogging.

    Add ko po kayo sa blog roll ko.


  4. @Bluep: oo nga eh, medyo mahirap i-integrate yung popculture and traditional symbols of faith, napaka-challenging. ikanga ni TS Eliot (napapadalas na yata pag-quote ko sa kanya ah;malamang kung buhay pa ang mga great poets, magba-blog din siguro ang mga yon), we can only try, the rest is not our business. on the other hand, i hate Kingdom statistics actually. nung tumawid nga si Papa Jesus papunta sa “kabilang dako ng lawa,” isa lang ang pinuntahan niya doon para pagalingin, si Legion lang na sinapian ng demonyo. Tapos sandamakmak na mala-buhawing bagyo at reklamo ng mga disipulo ang patitigilin niya. Hi Papa Jesus, bless mo ang mga sinapian mapa-blogger man o hindi.

    @Bro Utoy: ok lang yan bro, naisip ko kasi, pag-ginogoogle mo ang sex scandal, legion din ang lalabas. para bang sinapian na rin ang mundo ng sexual drive na out of quality relational context naman.

    @Jorge: uy Jorge, salamat sa pagdalaw. everyone is welcome here na may magandang pakay kagaya mo. ka-liga ka na rin namin. God bless ka rin ni Papa Jesus.

  5. now i know why you chose Dfish as your handle. clever!

    i’ve read part of thomas merton’s new seeds of contemplation. hindi ko na ni-attempt na tapusin kasi lalong nagugulo ang dati ko nang magulong utak. (maybe one day i’ll take a paragraph or two from that piece and ask brother utoy or yourself for your views).

    my take on the thought you’ve presented here: people tend to shy away from things they couldn’t grasp, hence the cunnilingus views of 25 mil as opposed to merton’s 5 thou. truth to tell, 5 thou is already considered a massive count as far as theology and other related topics are concerned.

    ignorance. no wonder there are too many religious fanatics out there.

    parallelism, injecting wit and humor, in short: the things you and brother utoy do when presenting your scholarly views are helping a lot in enticing us lay people into giving our personal relationships with God a second look. sort of like a chef who takes effort in decorating his meals to make them more appealing.

    keep it up. you’re doing God’s work through blogging. God DOES have a sense of humor, and it shows in your work.


  6. @Utakmungs: hehe, medyo patingi-tingi rin lang ang pagbubuklat ko kay idol Merton. Pero si Fr. Thomas Keating na kapwa nya Benedictine na downloadable din ang mga obra, hmmm, napagmuni-munihan ko na halos lahat ng libro nya. Salamat sa pag-appreciate ng aming mga pakulo. totoo, hindi natin kelangan ng numbers para pantayan ang mundo. it’s like answering the question: “how many loaves do you have.” The answer obviously was: “five loaves and 2 fish” for 5 thou. Uy, sa totoo lang, aliw na aliw ako sa mga post mo – napakadown to earth pero may deepness, twistedness pero may holy humorness.

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