Surfing the Blessed Waves

Readers of the Bible have grown up imagining waves as enemies. If you still remember that one post I had on the disciples on the stormed boat with Jesus and how they were so afraid but then Jesus rebuked the wind and the waves died down. The word rebuke was used by Jesus to drive out evil spirits among those possessed. So, waves=evil elements, right? Not for the surfers, folks. They love it! The bigger the better. The spiritual nuance is we could even bless those waves before riding those with almost contemplative ecstasy. Here’s the LA Times snapshots of two Catholic priests blessing the waves first before taking on their surfboards. Enjoy the brief slideshow before any Presidential term-extending kind of nonsense blessing will overtake you. I should have not brought this up in the first place. Grrrr!blessing-of-the-waves


One thought on “Surfing the Blessed Waves

  1. it came to me as a surprise but i found a catholic surfer’s bible somewhere in Paris. It featured on the pages of the scriptures some popular surfers form around the world who happened to be Catholics and are .. get this, bible readers. It really changes our idea of cool, right.

    how I wish I can read the bible and hang ten too!

    God bless!

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