Deserts, Bless the Lord

It’s been a real rough year, mousy so t speak, in how scratch for economic sunrisebalance, while gobbling in the best way we can every morsel of spiritual meaning in our own desert. The desert has 99 reasons or more for being there. Think about this: assuming majority of the world’s population is clothed by Calvin Klein, or Donna Karran, or Kamiseta and other known and less known clothing lines, undeniably, some people go naked for lack thereof. The desert of need – it’s there. A great portion of planet Earth is lush and wet with wildlife. But the Sahara desert alone is as big as the whole continent of Europe. If I am a little Earth myself, then it’s not all lush and wet, right? Somewhere, there’s a Sahara within and I name it the Longing for the Holy Desert. It’s in you, too. It’s actually scary especially when you’ve been sitting on the seat of success that long you think life is a set of push buttons. We know even Bob the Builder runs out of batteries. When it comes, welcome it my friend. It’s a sacred call to be more quiet, be more empty, be more open before the Holy. I can assure you every inner desert is holy, more so when you wrestle between courage and cowering with the most fundamental question of life – WHO IS GOD IN MY LIFE? Hearing the question alone, whisperlike in decibel, is worth more than any wealth in this world because it is an invitation to believe and be more grounded in the SOURCE. It is “faith more precious than gold.”

No, don’t be in a hurry. You only know it when you get there. If you feel lush and wet this year, by all means, bless the Lord. I bless the Lord for the dry and dying leaves these past couple of years. It’s irresistible not to bless God – I mean those smiles and sparkles from our son’s eyes. I think he’s just as handsome as the Child who was growing in wisdom and grace. The Book of Genesis tells me so. His Mom has been confirming it. HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear readers and commenters!


Photo credit: G.A.O.


2 thoughts on “Deserts, Bless the Lord

  1. Thank you brother! Its a reminder and surely be in my heart for as long as I am in the desert.

    Hi King, I appreciate you taking the time to drop by my desert tent. I’m glad you can resonate with the message. Happy New Year!

  2. Amen, in any circumstance, we have to find God and His blessings in our lives. If we look hard enough, there He is, blessing us, even in situations we don’t see or feel any of it. Happy New Year!

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