A Lung-bursting Compliment!

January is declared National Cancer Awareness Month, and in that part of easter-letterthe archipelago, Negros Occidental my birth province, a group of dedicated medical workers will highlight the week through a “Cancer Exhibit”. In response to ifm’s invitation to post something as a show of support for cancer patients, I am posting one of the sweetest compliments I ever received. It’s a short ‘thank you’ letter from a cancer patient dropped at the chapel’s prayer box after an ecumenical Easter worship I presided over in Houston. This letter has been part of a long manuscript I wrote; the first part is typed and the second, handwritten.

“As the Easter Service begins I sit amazed. Some patients arrive pushing their I.V. poles. A woman sitting close to me is crying softly. As I look around I know everyone is here to celebrate our risen Savior’s life but I also know everyone here is dealing with cancer as a patient or a loved one who has the disease. This is the Chapel at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. I have never attended an Easter Service like this. As the pianist plays “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” we rise to sing. The woman that was crying joins in singing. As the Chaplin (original spelling) gives us a call to worship he reminds us we are here to celebrate life over death, new joy, new hope, new possibilities. This is giving me comfort and hope. Kenny and I are starting a new journey. We want all of you to know how much we appreciate your prayers and support.”

Nan Bonette

In handwritten:

“Just wanted you to know when I attended a few services while my husband was a patient at M.D. I’ll always remember Easter at your service. I wanted to be home with my family but this was uplifting.”

To all our cancer patients and their loved ones, Jesus is alive. Allow Him to touch your deepest pain!


11 thoughts on “A Lung-bursting Compliment!

  1. nakakatouch naman yung letter ng cancer patient. You really inspired other’s not just here in the blogosphere.. 🙂 thank you for sharing..

    Hi Jen, thanks for the compliment. Di ako sure ha kong meron pang na-inspired sa post na to.

  2. mahirap mag-fishing sa disyerto pero ang mga ganitong bagay ay parang ginintuang gantimpala, hindi ba Dfish?

    isa kang tunay na mangingisda. wag mo lang kaming iihawin ha. hihi

    Maging isda man lang, sapat na sa akin. konting OT nuance lang – ang fish sa OT represents the gentiles. yun din ang iniisip ko – there’s always a part in me that needs conversion, hehehe. kelangan ko pang lalamunin ng lalamunin ang Taong naging Isda para sa lahat…kagaya ng mga anak natin, hindi natin namamalayan, unti-unti tayong nilalamon, hinuhugot ang lakas at ang dasal natin ay sana habaan pa ang ating pasensya.

  3. I would also be amazed by somebody who can provide very encouraging words and inspiration in the midst of trials or sickness. Your job indeed is a heavy responsibility and this post makes me wonder how good it will feel to hear you speak.

    Nakupoh, namimilipit pa rin dila ko between “i” at “e”. Pero practice lang ako ng practice. I’m trying to practice also digging from within kasi ikanga, from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Thanks, emilayskie for the kind words…

  4. This is an inspiring post… Naalala ko tuloy yung pagmasticate mo ng mission in life mo…. You are indeed being true to it, and you have become a blessing for others.

    Salamat Bro. Bumabawi lang sa mga kabaliwang ginawa ko, hehehe!

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  8. DFish!!!! thanks sobra! you’re the first one who responded. Hindi lang ako nakapagbloghop lately and say thank you to those who took some time to share their support kasi busy pa for this week’s activities. Thank you again sobra!

    Sabi ko nga kay coolwaterworks, yaman din lamang na hindi pa tayo mga ulyanin, i-type kaagad ang sagot at i-send sa 2366. Walang anuman ifm. More power to your passion and to the cancer community you are serving…

  9. Laus Deo!

    Minsan ang mga bagay na ginagawa natin sa araw-araw ay hindi nating namamalayan na nagiging malaking bahagi na pala ng buhay ng ibang tao. Masarap sa pakiramdam to be able to touch a soul and make a difference in other people’s lives. Tulad mo, sana’y makapagbahagi rin ako ng kabutihan sa pamamagitan ng iyong karanasan, at makapagbalik ng karangalan sa Kanya.

    Yan din ang gusto ko talagang matutunan at magiging habit – ang gawin ang mga maliliit na bagay with devotion and love, not even thinking if it’s going to bear fruits or not. From your small corner, i believe i’ll be reading those small acts of kindness from your blog. uy, pen of hope project, i thought it was great!

  10. nakaka inspire po talaga… thou, hirap po ng nasa posisyon niyo, nevertheless masarapa pa rin ang pkiramdam ng nakatutulong ka…

    godbless po!

    salamat yhen sa pagdaan ulit sa tolda. it’s draining pero pag may passion ka, wala yan. God bless din!

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