Neighborhood Irresponsible Borrowers Association

Have you found yourself in a taut situation when your body and brain simply craves for a good laugh? That all you want is a good stretch of laughter? I’m sure you do. Then the brain keeps on opening a folder of files of some healthy laughs, perhaps of 10 or 15 years ago?

“So? Where’s the marathon DVD of Gods Must Be Crazy and Mr. Bean?” I asked my wife.

Ay naku, nabubuwisit na ako (This is really pestering me.)” she pingbacked.

Mr. Bean and Nixau have been stacked in a neighbor’s badlands sandstorms probably are all over them now. Wifey has been retrieving those and this good family keeps on promising to return come armageddon time. Welcome to the Neighborhood Irresponsible Borrowers Association. Membership is free unlike the fallen Blockbuster. In lieu of a borrower’s card, airy assurances suffice.

I’m cool-minded and often reasonable; she’s both fiery and reasonable. The moment she steps out of our gate, expect a litany of blazing no-stumbling arguments enough to silence or shame the neighbor on why they should return Gods Must Be Crazy or Mr. Bean. And they are one of our closest, liked neighbors.

What do you think of us? Morons?

For a couple of days, she bashed them for being irresponsible borrowers. Beyond her need to laugh, she wanted respect. We want respect even in small transactions. They panicked only to find out those DVDs were lent out by their son to a friend. Welcome to the Neighborhood Irreponsible Association – Timbuktu Chapter.

The day after, we billeted the neighborhood for a simple street mini-party of mango float and bihon and Italian pasta on olive oil and mushroom that all of them had never tasted before. She’s a superb cook! We talked and laughed and ate and forgot for a while Mr. Bean and Nixau. The hearty get-together was equally real as her rage.


15 thoughts on “Neighborhood Irresponsible Borrowers Association

  1. I’ll add u in my links… geez this post will somehow be quite related to the one ill post later (which ive been contemplating how for days) since my neighbors read my blog too.. however i already found a way: password protected entry but ill send the passwords to blogmates hehehe

  2. Same here. Before I was very generous in lending some stuff okay lang wag ibalik pero wag na wag lang ang DVD, VCD at book collection ko.

    Just last week a cousin of mine borrowed 2 VCDs. I stressed that he should return it immediately after he watched it. Come one week later, not a single shadow of the vcd and my cousin so I called him up and told him to return the VCD. Guess what, he just sent it via someone.

    Tapos a friend of mine borrowed my collectors item of Lord of the Rings DVD which has its extended version. Anak ng tipaklong, when the DVD was returned to me a few months after, may gasgas na.

    Kaya ang policy ko ngayon pag naghihiram sila, BUmili kayo ng inyo haha.

    seriously sometimes I get annoyed when these people dont value or give importance to other’s things. I get a dilemma when I dont let them borrow kasi nakokonsensya ako, DVD lang yun o kaya VCD lang naman yun. Pero bago ko pa mabili yun pawis ko ang ginugol ko. Hay naku kaya yung mga blacklisted sa akin di na nakakahiram. Meron na ako iniissue na Browwer’s slip hahaha

  3. In a different sense, nakakarelate ako…

    When someone borrows something from me, I ask them when they will return it and I make sure they are returned on the committed date… Hehehe… Ni-re-remind ko kasi before the deadline…

    What I can’t stand from borrowers ay yung hihiram ng isa sa mga aklat ko tapos kung ibabalik na’t tatanungin mo tungkol sa libro [siyempre dahil excited din akong malaman kung anong opinion niya sa binasa niya to have a decent conversation] ay sasagot na hindi niya nabasa… Haay….

  4. Ang dami ngang ganitong mga tao. Ang galing manghiram tapos hindi naman ibabalik. Ang nakakainis pa run ay yung ipapahiram pa sa iba! Kafal talaga!

    Pareho kami ng ginagawa ni coolwater. Kailangan may exact estimate or date ng pagsauli tapos remind ko sila bago ng deadline. Less worries kapag ganun eh at tsaka nagkakaron ng responsibility yung borrower.

  5. @Bluep:”Kaya ang policy ko ngayon pag naghihiram sila, BUmili kayo ng inyo haha.”
    Approve by the Optical Media Board!

    @CWW:”returned on the committed date… ”
    i haven’t taken this yet as a habit personally. but surely this is more preventive and preemptive of a neighborhood air strike…

    @emilayskie: “remind ko sila bago ng deadline.”
    Aba, at may reminder pa. di kaya dagdag trabaho to on the part sa nagpapahiram? but on the other hand, this is extending Mark’s preventive measure against unnecessary stress.

  6. tell me about! i have tons of books! some are collection. ganun. inuwi ko kamo sa Pasig. guess what! bawat bisita hihiram! leche! itinago ko ngayon all the books in the room. bookcase ko? isang malang wala. walang laman. nakatago mga libro. but my cousin saw Da vinci code. ayun hiniram. 3 years na, indi na binalik. pinahiram din daw. grrr! they’d borrow it, keep it for so long that you’ll have to borrow it back.

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