KC Concepcion, Annabelle Rama and Simon’s Mother-in-Law

“Basta ako, si KC lang pinapangarap ko para kay Richard.”

Annabelle Rama

I still have the 3 readings of last Sunday from Job, Paul’s letter to the kcCorinthians, and Jesus healing Simon’s mother-in-law on my desk. More often, I would print out the readings from this site a day or 2 before Sunday and write if there is something to connect the dots with. My present ministry does not provide some opportunities to preach and so writing goes free-wheeling also. Reading the Scriptures is practically for personal meditation, an ancient practice called lectio divina – reading the Scripture over and over and allowing it before any cerebral work would get the juice out of it. Can you sense how lectio divina is exactly the opposite of President Arroyo’s failed persistence for the third time for a photo-op at the National Prayer Breakfast with President Obama? Lectio divina is simply allowing the butterfly to sit one your shoulder rather than stubbornly chase it. It is akin to our regular jeepney drivers who patiently get used to the prattle of passenger’s coins and change until they have 3 kilos of rice to buy come sundown. Again, very much in opposite of those who slyly chase millions out of a government road project because megalomania has become a violent compulsion.

From this set of Sunday readings, there is heavyweight Job, the persistent Paul, and the always cool Jesus. The suffering Job alone is an enigma to the spirit; Paul’s passsion for preaching is a sparker; and Jesus’ healing activities, including Simon’s mother-in-law, abound with lessons for being actively loving and being silent in prayer.

On Mothers-in-Law

Of course, it is a universal catch-phrase. For those who joined the healing Eucharist on TV with Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD last Sunday, we heard his light take on why Peter (formerly Simon) denied Jesus 3 times – because Jesus healed his mother-in-law. Too cruel of course, even for a fledgling disciple like Peter.

Enter Annabelle Rama for the showbiz news fodder last night. Why is she quotable in the first place despite her belligerent front and her noisy attempts to fence off her family from fungal malicious attacks? I guess beyond her jest-prone Cebuano accent, she, like Belo, has given a public, defiant face on behalf of the matriarchal mothers-in-law among us. One truth is mothers-in-law are often daring within their sphere of influence but beyond it is the reservation against social labeling on how grouchy they could get, or intimidating, or meddling. So Annabelle wants KC for Richard. And Simon most probably requested Jesus to drop by her house. She could have texted Jesus if she happened to live in Barangka, Marikina today and he was in Payatas. Annabelle wants the creme de la creme of the showbiz-cum-politics-cum-humanitarianism for Richard alongside KC’s father’s early approval. How Cinderella-like! And Simon wanted the best guest and gift for his mother-in-law. How gracious an act! Who can’t put KC on a pedestal as an icon of a schooled, multilingual actress who divides her time between screen appearance and volunteering for the UN-initiated campaign against world hunger? Annabelle can’t ask for more. Could Simon’s mother-in-law ask for more? I don’t think so. With a healing presence as Jesus that could drive away even a thermo-breaking fever within seconds, what else can be asked from Jesus if we have the health we need in order to serve others. Annabelle must have gone home whistling with her pre-Valentine dream; Simon’s mother-in-law happily served Jesus on the table. KC and Richard admitted it’s still a long way to go; and it was a long night for Jesus as more sick people came by droves.

“Let us go on to the nearby villages that I may preach there also,” said Jesus.

My world goes on with or without the intervention of my mother-in-law, more so with her positive plea to God on my behalf. And your world?


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12 thoughts on “KC Concepcion, Annabelle Rama and Simon’s Mother-in-Law

  1. haha ang galing fan mo talaga ako. You were able to put everything into perspective. and what amaze me is this showbiz talk interspersed with the gospel haha Ayos bro, SEO na SEO ang dating haha.

    What intrigues me was, why did peter deny Jesus 3 times, Whats the connection with the Mother in law? absent ata ako sa NT class namin eh kaya di ko alam haha Di ko napanood sa tv si Fr. Jerry last sunday eh so I have no idea. Tell me please, I’m dying to know other than Annabelle Rama’s wishful thinking!

  2. Thanks Bro. The other “naughty” school of thought was hindi naman daw si Simon/Peter ang nag-imbita kay Jesus para pagalingin mother-in-law nya. Kaya yun, parang hidden anger that resulted to denial, hehehe.

  3. Wow, fan din kaya ako ni KC, hehe! malakas ang hatak ng technique mo sa mga young generation. Akalain mo sa loob ng simbahan may “THE BUZZ “na!, hehehe!. Keep it up kapatid!

  4. If this was a homily… lols…. pewmates to my right and left wouldn’t be dozing off like they are seen to do. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I wouldn’t be thinking of menus for dinner in my seat. Whoops guilty! One of the best homilies I have ever listened to was from a young priest who drove home the message in ten minutes flat… and so interestingly at that! He simply connected. Can you believe that?!

  5. @Ellen – I too and impressed with those kind of homilies. Its not easy to deliver a well thought of and provoking homilies in ten minutes. Such priests are highly respected on my part

  6. i remember a joke that speculated on why peter denied Jesus three times. hehe

    “because Jesus healed Simon’s mother in law” kaya raw galit galitan si Simon Peter kay Jesus.

    narinig ko ulit yan sa misa last sunday. groovy rin kasi ang padre namin dito. ahaha

  7. @King: Thanks kapatid for the “buzzy” comment. Pinakamadaming readers so far sa lahat ng post.

    @ellen: homily for the blog lang po. medyo mas tight yung standard ng homily prof ko – pag higit 7 minutes na daw, it’s already the voice of the devil, hehehe.

    @Mommy Mungs – oi, naalala ko yung post mo about your pader in lawlaw.

  8. 7 mins — no kidding! So then the 30-45mins or more am hearing are those of the ‘devil’?? lols kidding! Do priests attend seminars on homilies – its preparation and delivery? Am just curious. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lols it now comes to my mind what my uncle would always say when hearing such exhausting delivery

    — ‘Ayy kulang sa pansin yan!’ he’d remark under his breath.
    Then his wife would retort — ‘May na intindihan ka ba?’
    To this he would say — ‘May sinasabi ba siya?’

    This would leave my cousins and I giggling in our seats. Oh well, that was something which we loved telling over and over in family reunions long after he had gone. Sez one cousin….. ‘Lagot, magsusumbong yun kay San Pedro!’ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ciao! Keep writing.

  9. The 7+ “devil-sourced” extended homily is a little of a symbolic exaggeration. But Catholic priests, compared with the Protestant preachers (Wesley, Spurgeon, Moody, Swindoll, Warren, etc) are never known as fiery ones, despite yes, of a special course in theology called homiletics. It’s probably that Roman Catholics are often boringly contemplative most of the time while trying to distance from the screaming “fire and brimstone” Protestant preachers. At tsaka, ang daming pasakalye, halimbawa, ini-introduce pa kung saan nag-graduate ang guest priests na nasa altar bago dumiretso sa sermon. The “charismatic culture” somehow brought back the power of preaching, more Biblical rather than philosophical, at nakaka-relate ang mga magbabalot, jeepney drivers, CEOs na walang alam tungkol kay Goliath, at iba pa.

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