The Buzz – The Future of Our Reading Habits

The buzz is there are some debates going on between blogging and journalism and bloggers are quick to pen their take on the evolving power of blogging. At Filipino Voices, I provided the link to what for me is a fine distinction between blogging and journalism written by veteran journalist Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic. Extending the blogging-journalism divide is also the tug-of-war between the hegemony of print journalism and the growing influence of digital media and fiery columnist Conrado De Quiros wrote a stirring and honest assessment over the issue. But what of the future of our reading habits? The Amazon is providing a peek at the answer with this latest digital technology. Thanks to mysticism writer Carl of Anamchara for this signpost:


14 thoughts on “The Buzz – The Future of Our Reading Habits

  1. wow this gadget is wicked! Awesomely wicked. I guess the prophecy will come true that years from now people won’t read anymore from papers.

    As I am a gadget geek and lover myself, I still prefer the hardcopies over the digital. This is only good for traveling and going to school, doing a report etc, but nothing beats the traditional book. My take is, why spent $9.99 or roughly 500 pesos on a book that I can’t even touch? Iba pa rin yung nagbabasa ka na alam mong hawak mo yung mga pahina nung libro. And also, pano na pag nastranded ka sa isla? haha may siulbi pa kaya yan? unlike the book na you can keep, use it or burn it because somehow it can save your life — only my two cents

    but you know what, my views on this one would not stop me from wanting those babies. That is a darn slick and wicked gadget that a blogger, reporter, journalist or a geek for that matter could have. Wow! Truly amazing!

  2. Hmmm… Hindi ko makita ang gadget na sinasabi ni Bluep, blocked dito sa office… (magsurf ba while working? hehehe)…

    Will come back later to further check it out… πŸ™‚

  3. but aside from it reading the articles, which is also available as a plugin (odiogo), the rest looked more like just another computer.

    it has the ability to send emails, read blogs, newspapers before they hit the stands.

    so my thing is, this is not differentiation at all. it’s a PC tweak for added revenues. soon, this will just be a thing of the past.

    if that gadget can do that chore, Ipods can be tweaked to do the same thing and computers can be miniaturized to do the same thing.

    hmmm… negative ako dito


  4. @Mary Grace: Salamat sa pagdalaw sa aking payak na tolda sa disyerto. Mas maganda nga – wala ng puputulin na mga kahoy for print media…

    @Bluep: Oo nga, parang nandun yung kakaibang katahimikan habang hawak mo ang isang libro while being hypnotized by its contents. Pano kung biglang matapunan ng tubig si Kindle? But i think digital reading is still the way to go.

    @emilayskie: good luck sa savings, milay. mas maigi pa kaya mag-invest sa mga gadgets ngayon kaysa sa mga pre-need companies? nagtatanong lang po.

  5. halos wala naman pinagkaiba ang blogging sa journalism.. yun nga lang sa journalism, yung way ng pagsusulat follows a rule.. in blogging we let ourselves to be heard without any discrimination πŸ™‚

  6. nga pala na-miss ko ang meat hahaha!

    there was a blogger (na irita ako actually) who came up with some theories, concepts, postulates whatever chorva about blogging and journalism, yet i always believe – guess because i’m a finance guy – it’s all about resources.

    in otha wurds, bloggers are a 1-man army; we do all the stuff, read, create, organize, investigate kung investigage or none at all, whereas, journalists typically are an army of one, they have all the necessary resources to help them write uberly sprayed anti-septic articles, coz they have earned respect that they have to protect.

    yet we bloggers – we’re in the infancy. we continue to redefine ourselves and there’s a lot of weaknesses that we all show, such is the predicament when you’re a 1-man army

    yet, if you solve the resources part? then the demarcation line disappears

  7. i like kindle! last year pa ako nagkocontemplate kung bibili ako nyan or hihingi from my cousin. Kaya lang, an American friend told me it’s useless daw kasi you can have ebooks naman even not using that. The last time i checked wala pang stocks on hand. meron na ba ulit ngayon?

    i don’t like delving about journalism and blogging. All I want to say is that everyone should be responsible enough with what they write.

  8. Hi WB – there are similarities and there are differences between blogging and mainstream journalism. But i guess blogging is going to overtake MJ because of the ‘fun tweak’ to it. Napansin ko, dun na ko sa mga bloggers like Reynz nakiki-update sa current events.

  9. Reynz, nabasa ko yung rebuttal mo against one blogger trying to downplay your capacity for objective posting of controversial issues. it was well argued with your concept of resources. i believe your humorous style of reporting and abbreviating hard economic concepts into more understandable bits of information – this is going to set bloggers apart from the dry mainstream journalism.

  10. Hi ifm, just yesterday, na feature sa Yahoo news si Kindle 2 – some copyright issues that go with it kasi the text to speech feature is a copyright violation daw.
    Responsible blogging and journalism – they will have a date this Valentine, hehe.

  11. Kapatid, at last nakita ko na… πŸ™‚ Parang gusto ko siyang idagdag sa wish list ko…. Ang pinakagusto ko dito is that para rin siyang mobile phone… πŸ™‚

    I still tend to think that there is a fine line between blogging and journalism – it all depends on the writer… Feature writing is well within journalism and most blog entries are also feature articles (like most of my entries)… Journalism always intones form. When a blog entry is engaging, grammatically well-written, tackles an event or person with impartiality or simply features a theme or proposes an opinion I think the distinction is lost… πŸ™‚

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