“When I Met You” – Mother Teresa as an Atheist

Don’t get me wrong, mga kapatid. I remain on a reasonable level with atheists.mother-teresa Atheism is not necessarily the most disgusting thing in the whole universe. In fact, they’re even asking the most important faith-question on our behalf: where is your God? A neighbor revving up his motorbike for 5 minutes at 4:55AM could get more disgusting than argumentative atheists. Or a believer imprisoned by the mindset that domestic violence is normal. Atheism could even be the most desirable thing in the world. Take it from renowned Capuchin theologian and preacher Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa who skillfully wrote about the ‘atheism’ of Mother Teresa. Irreconcilable, right? It’s what I thought initially. It’s like KC (I’m not obsessed yet), lost in an island after a plane crash, telling Richard: “Are you God to help me? I don’t need you, to be honest.” Talk of differences that seem hard to reconcile but in the end, are the alchemist’s fuertes materiales. So is Mother Teresa and the atheist in her that made her a saint. Let me simplify atheism a bit based on Fr. Cantalamessa’s brilliance.

A-theism basically means no God, absence of God.

There are 2 kinds of atheists:

1. Active – those who willfullly reject God and even boast of their stance while trying to convince others to join the team

2. Passive – those who feel rejected by God; living painfully the absence and silence of God and everything seems to have no meaning

Now listen to these words from the Saint of the Gutters and judge which of the 2 categories she belongs:

There is so much contradiction in my soul, such deep longing for God, so deep that it is painful, a suffering continual – yet not wanted by God, repulsed, empty, no faith, no love, no zeal. … Heaven means nothing to me, it looks like an empty place.

Now, would you really believe that KC and Richard could not be meant for each other both in reel and real scenes when even atheism and Mother Teresa are both honorary members of The Distant God Club?

Happy Valentines – believers and non-believers!

Bluep, this post is for you.


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17 thoughts on ““When I Met You” – Mother Teresa as an Atheist

  1. First I was right when I told you that Fr. Cantalamessa is a great writer.. haha

    Second I was also right when I said in time of confusion and doubt, silence is the best defense as I have written in my “dazed and confused” post

    3rd I was also right when I told skeptics that what Mother Teresa experienced was not a loss of faith but a trial of the soul, known to carmelite St. John of the Cross and St. Therese as the “Dark night of the soul” — I had also experienced this…

    Pero its not about my righteousness that matters or my pride even. What matters is you are opening my mind to actually have a whole new definition of atheism. Wala ako masagot, natameme ako kasi isinampal mo sa akin ang favorite spiritual writer ko haha (now you know how to mum me in during arguments LOL)

    and he is right about it. and you too. In this case I stand corrected. Some of us pala have atheism within us. Kaya lang syempre nasa context ng active at passive.

    Though I am very much enlightened by this entry of yours yet I remain in my stance against Active Atheism haha

    thank you thank you so much for the link to Fr. Cantalamessa’s post. I’m so hungry for his words right now. Actually i’m on a crisis, you read my soul, pero I am not telling anyone why, alam mo naman ang “Slince chenes”. This post will rejuvinate me really.

    Happy Valentines to you and your family.

    A brother I remain, Pax et Bonum

  2. wala akong alam sa atheism, pero base sa lathala mo e parang dapat wala noon di ba?

    yung active, rejected si god
    yung passive, they feel rejected by god..

    ewan ko ba! parang , malabo pa sa akin ngayon..

  3. Yup, thanks for reminding me about Fr. Cantalamessa. I just bookmarked him and will read his writings in-between.
    Apir tayo – kung kelangan ipaliwanag ang pananampalataya, ipaliwanag ko rin hanggang sa aking kakayanan. I’ll be on a 7-day personal online silence starting today. The Spirit is calling…

  4. I have actually read an extensive report on the “secret” writing of Mother Teresa as part of the process for her sanctification….

    When I read her words about her deep longing for God and not “feeling” His presence, I felt a certain peace… Here is a saint who chose to love God and to do things for God above all else, despite “not feeling” His presence and constantly trying to battle a certain emptiness… After all, love is not about feeling, it is the will to extend one’s self to others…

    Here’s a saint for those who are still “in the dark nights of their souls”. At these times, this is relevant…

  5. Ano po ba nangyari kay Mother Theresa?

    Tama nga, lahat tayo dumadaan sa pagiging atheism, un nga lang dun pumapatak sa passive. Ako din nmn, nakakaexperience ng ganun and I feel sorry for myself..

    Thanks for posting this! Godbless!

  6. at talagang laging nai-insert si KC sa mga paragraph. you’re right, hindi ka pa nga obsessed (but certainly getting there. haha.. kidding!!!)

    i’m longing for enlightenment as well. i’ve so many questions thrown out to the great wide void. baka nga sa dami kong questions bigla na lang akong i-DHL ng kidlat ni papa God.

    i used to think i’m heading towards atheism. but with these “two kinds” of atheists that you’ve pointed out, i guess i’m simply a wandering soul na naghahanap pa rin ng bahay.

  7. i’ve been on the second type of atheism many times bro sad to say… and right, silence has always been and will probably always be in the best defense ika nga ni bro bluep… when ive been enlightened about being still and quiet, ive felt this is the greatest power in solitary prayer, tama ba aq?

  8. Hi Jorge – maraming nangyari kay Mother Teresa at malamang ay gusto ng Diyos na mangyari. Biro mo – tumanggap sya ng Nobel Peace Prize pero harap-harapang sinabi sa Nobel Organizers, awardees and guests na “it’s nothing to her because she doesn’t have Jesus.” Spiritual dryness lang talaga…

  9. Hi kasi (correct spelling: KC) malikot ang espiritu natin. Imagine, before ang espiritu mo, nasa Pinas pa, ngayon nasa Britanya, now speaking with thick British accent.Restlessness is a good sign Mommy Mungs…

  10. A “passive atheist”, as you defined the term, is not an atheist at all. If she feels rejected by God/a god, then she still believes in God/a god–only that she feels disconnected, alienated, forsaken, rejected.

    The “active”, depending on their motivations, may be neurotics or they may be as religious as the saints.

    Atheism is the celebration of the full capacity of a thinking mind.

    I give you Ayn Rand:

    “Man’s reason is fully competent to know the facts of reality. Reason, the conceptual faculty, is the faculty that identifies and integrates the material provided by man’s senses. Reason is man’s only means of acquiring knowledge.” Thus Objectivism rejects mysticism (any acceptance of faith or feeling as a means of knowledge), and it rejects skepticism (the claim that certainty or knowledge is impossible).

  11. Hi Olive, thanks for taking the time to read this post and post your comment. I appreciate the nuance that’s perfectly valid from a rigid atheism’s perspective. Somehow, you must have sensed that even great Christian thinkers in the calibre of Fr. Cantalamessa could bend atheism’s rigidity to make sense of our the Christian faith impasse. Such crossover, i presume, need not be an issue for a contest. But needless will I expound the argument that atheists can justify atheism in view of this spiritual usage of the “absence of God” we can loosely label as “atheism”. I think it’s still within the bounds of Reason to do such. Besides, such crossover does not only happen from the Christian fence side. Even Dawkins appears fatuous in his argument dressed in a parallel crossover, by reducing God as a design, and if this design can be explained scientifically, then, voila, what need is the Christian God.
    Ayn Rand, whew, Ayn Rand. She could be intimidating at times. But wait – believers or non-believers must see the hidden burden of the Freethinkers such as this Russian-American icon of godless capitalism. There’s no way Freethinkers can prove why Reason must exist at all, or they will end up tautologous in their argument – Reason exists because of reason. If this sounds objective and logically scientific enough, then, my hands down to pure believers in Reason.
    You are most welcome to come by this poor tent from a Third World country.

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  13. Sa wakas naipasok ko na rin itong blog entry na ito.

    Sa entradang ito, dinhi nako nakita ang bulawanon langitnon, maitlogon nga panghunahunang dFish.

    Salamat Igsoong dFish!

    Hahaha – gigamit sa kahitas-an ang ateismo para maghimamat ta sa kalawakan darbs…

  14. Hahaha – gigamit sa kahitas-an ang ateismo para maghimamat ta sa kalawakan darbs…

    Bitaw sa? Yugob yugob giod si Kahitas-an?

    Well, All Knowing nga daan.

    Darbs, unsa gani ang yugob yugob?

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