Excuse Me: Heaven Is Not Really The Goal! Part 1

Yes, I did my retreat for 7 days. Not one, single click on my blog although I desert-leadergot to read comments from my gmail as a sign of respect and silent connection with my readers/commenters. In this age of networks, a stand-alone blogger is self-contradicting. Even die-hard evolution biologists (like Elizabeth Sahtouri) who are the most rabid of atheists admit that co-operation from the cellular level up is how the universe operates.

Why an online absence? It’s a simple word called detachment from what I can be passionate about – meditative writing. Detachment is a Biblical thing, too. And monks through the centuries have passed it on as a wellspring of wisdom. Hear this from a monk who was a promising French General but decided to enter the monastery and served their “Muslim enemies” in Algeria:

A monk must be a contrarian, for it is in the insignificance of his life that he leaves his signature.

The world teaches us to find our passion. True enough. But human passion without God and a sense of detachment could be a tricky thing. It’s like Peter, looking for Jesus who retreated early in the morning after a successful healing crusade the night before:

Gosh, where were you. People are asking us. They need us. Now na.

Jesus could read his disciples’ ego and were taking God’s work personally:

Let’s get on the Baliwag Bus and move on to Vigan. There’s so much ego-blowing on here.”

Naman, oh,” Peter pontificated.

Talk of Jesus being a contrarian against the tricky trip of the ego, more so if it is talented and powerful enough to change lives.

In my faith-journey, I have to equally learn that Heaven is not really the goal. It is those simple, seemingly insignificant growth that takes place in silence where the Sacred speaks.

Part 2 of this would be the bloody, shitty part of the retreat. Thanks for those who read my retreat guideline and the feedback. Nortehanon, Coolwaterworks, Walongbote, Honey, Revsiopao, Emilayskie, Bluep – thank you for the sweet notes.


Photo credit: Hamed Saber


17 thoughts on “Excuse Me: Heaven Is Not Really The Goal! Part 1

  1. Yehey, first base… Hehe… πŸ™‚

    Kapatid, this post is quite short, but “de profundis”. Tama ka, the ego is indeed a force to reckon with on the rod towards holiness… A much needed paradigm shift of changing our viewpoint is needed: God is the source of all creative things that we are able to do…. Adding a serving of detachment is indeed a tricky act… But practice makes perfect – err… makes us better… (baka magreact si Ai-ai).

    Sa sobrang lalim, nagreboot sandali ang utak ko pero meron daw “sector” na kailangang i-patch up… Kaya, heto:

    In my faith-journey, I have to equally learn that Heaven is not really the goal. It is those simple, seemingly insignificant growth that takes place in silence where the Sacred speaks.

    Before ako mag-react dito, paki-expound naman kapatid… πŸ™‚

  2. Nakup… naapektuhan na nga talaga ng reboot πŸ™‚
    Hindi agad gumana ang grammar check:

    A paradigm shift in changing viewpoints is needed…

  3. Uy kapatid, salamat sa dalaw. Natawa ako nang mabasa ko pangalan ni Ai-Ai, kasi kagabi lang, ipinakita kung paano nya sinakmal ang groins ni Piolo, haha, in broad stage lights. It was quite a flow to her as a comedienne but not exactly for Piolo.
    Let me expound a bit about the quote you highlighted. I guess in humanist term, it boils down to a FLOW, like what Ai-Ai did. I had my lunch today with bagoong and manggang hilaw at pinikas na daing, yung mas maliit pa sa danggit. I forgot the name. Wala lang – namnam ko lang ang alat at asim while at the same time feeling and thinking I AM SAFE in that mangga with bagoong moment. The moment I believe it was a safe time and space, I am inviting the Sacred and every invitation of the Sacred is an invitation to change how I view time and my needs and the way I relate with others. So, spirituality is really less of thinking about going to Heaven than attending to the present moment with reverence because…back to Uncle Hopkins that you are familiar with…

  4. Salamat sa paliwanag kapatid… Naalog lang siguro utak ko noong naaksidente ako kamakailan…

    I now clearly understand what you mean. I always walk cautiously especially if my vision is blurry… I don’t tarry much – I keep to the confines my cathechetical paradigms of heaven, hell, and the Divine… That’s why I really have to ask… It’s better to be really sure in understanding what the writer really is saying rather than leaving room for personal interpretation….

    Salamat uli kapatid… πŸ™‚ Hanga ako sa lalim ng mga ideya mo…

  5. love this post dfish. profound and thought-provoking………. so apt today in a world filled with ego-trippers who think that the world will stop spinning if they are out of the picture even for a sec…….. kodak moment lang pala ang gusto………..

  6. Gustung-gusto ko talaga binabasa mga post nito ni DFish dahil nacha-challenge ang aking utak sa mga binibitawan mong salita. Para bang lagi mong sinasabi sa akin na “Oh ulitin mo ulit basahin hanggang maintindihan mo.”

    Natuwa ako dun sa pag-explain mo ng pagiging “contrarian” dun sa mga lines ni Peter and Jesus. Siguro ganun nga talaga ang inisip nila.

    Ang pagkakaintindi ko dun sa “seemingly insignificant growth” ay yung mga bagay-bagay na nare-realize natin, natutunan, or nai-improve whenever we ponder or pray. Tama ba?

  7. Thanks Amor for the compliment. I like your silence most of the time. Day in and out, you post on your blog but in your silence, so much is going on that actually nurtures life around you. Blogosphere aside, there is a real world to attend to and home and office chores to be present with…I bet the real world is still the stage of the battle and friendship with the ego…

  8. Emilayskie naman, kuhang kuha mo na yung gist ng post. Part 2 i guess would better explain those “seemingly insignificant growth” kahit na getting mo na rin yung punto ko – mga maliliit na bagay na humahamon sa atin na magiging mas tao at kaaya-aya sa mata ni God.

  9. i feel ashamed after reading your entry… ive been ‘racing with the world’ these past few days or weeks yet asking God for answers… Sometimes I am scared of the answers from the Sacred in the moment of silence so I sorround myself with everything believing they will fulfill what I need… May I have the strength and wisdom to ‘take place in silence where the Sacred speaks’. Thanks for this post and God bless!

  10. Welcome back, Dfish.

    Your post reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from Mother Teresa, which I am sure you are already familiar with. Sabi niya, β€œWe need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

  11. Hi Honey, i get to read your 25 random things about yourself and was wide-eyed to know you are maintaining 7-9 blogs in all. Wow! What a busybody!There’s a lot of strength and fire in there on top of your basketball stamina. The Sacred wants a share of that without a doubt…

  12. i hope i know how to share my ‘strength and fire and stamina’ to the Sacred πŸ™‚ Today, something is really bothering me pati classes ko naapektuhan pati recent entry mo di ko man lang naintindihan 😦

  13. I have been learning to listen even to the most disturbing feeling because they tell me something that’s growth-provoking. Sa totoo lang, hangad ko ring istorbohin ng pabalik-balik na numero ng alam mo na…With due respect to that something bothering you now…

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