Lenten Series Tips: Free Cebu Pacific Flight

Let’s talk about travelling – both the geographic hops and our spiritual skips. desert-train Isn’t travelling exciting? Especially when you’re nailed in a place the rut sense of boredom, seemingly eternal sameness, routinary stress, relational rough edges are nothing but piling up day after day after day. You need a break for Pokwang’s sake!

Before we get to the free lunch tips of this post, let’s swerve a li’l bit to some seasonal flavor of Lent. Let’s assume that Lent is a way of travelling commenced by way of Ash Wednesday, an Amazing Race of sort for 40 days, a copy-and-paste from the 40-year itinerary of the Israelites in the desert. Exodus was both a landmark geographic hop and spiritual skip minus those Habagat backpacks and Gatorade supplement (Mark, I notice one in your gravatar, hehe.) Lent meanwhile is ritually packed as a spiritual escapade – ash, palms, Holy Oil, footwashing, or the Cross. No desert-hopping from Meribah to Massah. The travel for us now is more inward both individually and as communities. Will we dare to travel?

If Lent is too spiritual for you and you really want to move geographically within the season or even thinking of frolicking in Boracay come Good Friday, okay, here’s the leeway:

Will you dare to ride a real train (or any transport mode) while being open to be found by God in between imagining the white sand of Boracay or the summer cold of Baguio?

Mother Teresa discovered her “call within a call” while riding a train from Darjeeling to Calcutta.

CS Lewis got off on the wrong train station in London and realized he had been walking on the wrong direction.

Gandhi was so pained after being shoved to get off a train for simply being dark-skinned. Justice became his life’s passion since that incident. (Anybody who have watched Ben Kingsley’s acting prowess in Gandhi?)

Thomas Merton was moved to believe in God after his travel to Rome, amazed by the towering, old Byzantine churches.

And our classic traveller – St. Paul who was converted on his way to Damascus with his horse (did that make his horse saintly also?)

Travel na kung travel. But remember – God can knock us off anytime at the LRT, trisikad, MRT, boat, plane, helicopter, subway train, habal-habal, horse, bike, tricycle, colorum buses and FX, taxi, or government “for non-official use also” vehicles.

Who knows? Next post na lang about Cebu Pacific. Mahaba na to.


Photo credit: jill in cottonwood


15 thoughts on “Lenten Series Tips: Free Cebu Pacific Flight

  1. I can relate to this post. I remember before whenever I feel so down because of a circumstance and I don’t know where to go, I just ride any passenger jeepney and will start to travel it’s entire route until I’m back. During the travel I am able to ponder on things and realize important principles that help me know instantly what to do about the things that are bothering me. Parang pilgrimage lang di ba? Hihi..

  2. I walk to reflect on what my day was like, my issues, my ambition, so many things. Sarap ng feeling kasi walang istorbo….And when I look upwards at a vast sky full of stars, I find hope and lots of possibilities ….. never fails…..

  3. Talk about the love of travelling! Hehehe…

    When I spent one summer in Laguna some years ago due to a training, I was surprised how most people in my office treated Holy Week.

    Now that I am here in Cebu, the spirituality of the Cebuano people never fails to touch me…

    And yes, I love to travel by bus – I seldom take the aircondioned buses unless I am already very tired or I want to sleep during the travel… And most of my epiphanies (for school assignments, for technical problems and for philosophical musings) are given to me while I’m travelling…

    And you are right DF, while we travel we should be prepared to be knocked off by the Divine… 🙂

    By the way, if you were referring to my backpack, it is Puma… Hehehe… I bought it because it was on 50% discount… I have not yet bought a Habagat bag – quite expensive for me… 🙂 My gravatar pic was taken while we traversed the Manipis Watershed to Busay in Cebu – 8 hour trek in scorching sun… 🙂


  4. hahaha, hinihintay kong mabasa ‘yung free Cebu Pacific flight sa dulo. Kidding.

    Yes, Dfish, I agree with you 101%. Kahit nasaan tayo, kahit kailan, He can knock us off anytime. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, lalo na sa countryside, because I feel it brings me closer to the Divine. Actually, it was one of my trips that led me to many “search ins” 😉

  5. Hihihi, meron talaga N. ayoko ko lang idugtong kasi alam mo na, it’s extra head-knocking na. Palibhasa pareho tayong lumaki sa probinsya, sa mga malalawak na palayan at tahimik na niyugan, kahit na hindi namin pag mamay-ari haha.

  6. It never dawned on me that Cebuanos have a distinctive spirituality. I do think now they really do being the seedbed of Philippine Christianity, still alive and kicking even in commercial streets of Guadalupe and Osmena. I see, mas mahal nga pala ang Habagat kaysa Puma. The best picturesque bus ride i ever had was going North passing through Batac then all the way to Claveria where Batanes Island is already visible. I mean the roads north and nature – they’re almost a perfect pair for a relaxing travel.

  7. I love the ride bus… Just by looking and observing at people, I sometimes hate the feeling of getting mushy… I get sentimental because I see most of the times the marvelous human existence and God’s constant miracles ^_^

  8. Amen, Miel – there’s something spirit-freeing about travelling. It’s so symbolic of our “lifespan of seventy and eighty for those who are strong”…

  9. Ay naku, dedicated ba sakin tong entry mo pads? Ako pa tinanong nyo kung gusto ng travelling? hehehe..

    Honestly, one of the reasons why i love travelling kasi nagkakapagpray ako informally, it was like chatting with a friend hanggang makatulog, then chat ulet with Him.

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