Marian Shrine Taller than the Statue of Liberty

Let’s allow some facts to speak:

Name of Project: Shrine of Mary Mother of the Poor

Projected Cost: 1 Billion Pesos

Groundbreaking date: January 7, 2007

Location: Montemaria (Mount of Mary), Batangas looking over South China Sea

Project Proponent: Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation of healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez

Architect: Eduardo Castrillo, a prostate cancer survivor (Major Works: The Redemption and the Apostles at the Loyola Memorial Park in Paranaque and Marikina; the Arsenio Lacson statue in Sta. Cruz, Manila; the Spirit of Pinaglabanan in San Juan; the abstract Pillar of Growth at the Metrobank Plaza in Makati; Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Nations in Donacyno Hill, Poland; Nuestra Senora de Guia at Plaza Ferguson in Ermita, Manila; Nuestra Senora de Remedios in front of the Malate church in Manila; and the Nuestra Senora de Loreto at the Loreto Church in Bustillos, Manila.)

Medium: Brass and steel

Height: The shrine would stand 110 meters, but 92.9 meters (or 204 feet) of that would consist of the statue of Mary, Mother of the Poor; taller than the statue of Liberty in New York with a height from base to torch is only 46.5 meters or 102.3 feet.

Other facts: 33 storeys high, taller than the statue in Rio de Janeiro; In the lower ground of the oratory, images of popular Philippine Marian devotions – Our Lady of Manaoag, Our Lady of Peñafrancia, Our Lady of Piat, Ina Poon Bato, Our Lady of Caysasay, Our Lady of Antipolo, Our Lady of Mediatrix and Birhen ng Barangay

Timeframe: Within 4 years (Liberty took 10 years)

Sample Reactions:

From Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles:
It has been their dream and it is not bad to dream.”
“I’m in favor of whatever place of gathering for rich and the poor. I’m in favor of having a place of prayer.”
“But if they do it and the people will praise them or condemn them, it’s their look out

From Canon Law expert and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz through the Philippine Daily Inquirer:
he liked the idea of having such a shrine, but building one at such a huge cost was unwarranted, considering the country’s dismal economic situation.”

The Project in Youtube:

A 3D Animation:

Thank you Mama Mary that you remain our Mother in our direst of needs

Philippine Daily Inquirer


14 thoughts on “Marian Shrine Taller than the Statue of Liberty

  1. at least di naman uutangin ang pagpapatayo nyan unlike sa project ng BNPP na uutangin pa ang 1B usd nakakasira pa sa health and environment…

  2. Kalbaryo nga gipas-an sa atong Inahan sa kanunayng panabang… could not remember the song, The Notre Dame, just the could that be? maayo na lang may google dinhi sa Internet ang bag-ong langint. For you Inahan nga Maloloy-on.

    Search for a keyword…





    Here we go.

    Notre Dame, Our Mother

    Notre Dame, our Mother
    Tender, strong and true
    Proudly in the heavens,
    Gleams thy gold and blue.
    Glory’s mantle cloaks thee
    Golden is thy fame,
    And our hearts forever,
    Praise thee, Notre Dame.
    And our hearts forever,
    Love thee, Notre Dame.

    Now we don’t have to google the next time. Unsa ba ang chords nga gigamit ini nya? Any gitarista around? Please help.

  3. napanood ko toh sa TV..and agree ako keh diaryofmiel..mas okey na yan kesa sa BNPP..kahit di ako katoliko mas okei pa din sa akin ang pagtatayo ng isang magandang at relihiyosong landmark tulad niyan.. 😀

  4. O Maria Rayna sa Pilipinas bay, sa G an standard. Pero kining imong gi kopya ug pasta, ako na pud ni i-google siguro basin makatsamba ug singer…

  5. if we can spend a lot of money for people we admire and idolize in every other aspect, if we can budget large amount of moolahs for other projects etc… it would be such a great honor to build a beautiful and best-designed shrine for the Mother of God!

    (By the way, thank you so much for being God’s instrument, you make me feel and hear His own words..)

  6. hmmm ….si BVM pag nagtrabaho matutupad. nabalitaan ko rin ang proyektong ito …pero ngayon ko lang nakita…let us pray na magkaroon ng realization of project na ito.

  7. Diaryofmiel: I agree, and for another reason, this country needs healing from greed. The Statue simply speaks of this deep hunger among us. To
    God be the glory..

  8. Bluguy: Yes, anywhere in the world where there is a visible presence of the BVM, people, especially those who need healing, come by droves. It will happen; it is happening…

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