Among Ed Panlilio and my Hunger for a Political Serpent in our Desert

Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert…”

The minute the news broke through the web and TV about Pampanga Priest-Governor Ed Panlilio eyeing the 2010 Presidential Election, massive among-ed4 reactions from the acerbic to the supportive erupted far and beyond our territorial baselines. Responding to a media interview, Gov. Panlilio in his usual confidence honed in the pulpit and years of social action work, is discerning over the possibility because need for an alternative choice aside, there is a growing support here and abroad. As an alternative candidate in tandem with Ramon Magsaysay Awardee and Isabela Governor Grace Padaca, he is nurturing a vision of running a campaign that will be fueled by the voters’ “peso contribution” in lieu of the traditional cashing out of millions just to win.

And the massive reactions? Some bashed him with Bible graphics, calling it the pinnacle of Panlilio’s desert temptation. For others, it is a flight of pride from his Pampanga’s alleged leadership shortcomings. Others pegged him as lacking in experience and education, and the time to prove his political savvy. Still others prophesied his lack of political appeal especially for Congress, and minus the backing of a strong political party, the decision is heading towards disaster. Yes, even if he wins some said. The other side of the fence are those glued to their conviction that the “peso contribution” is an appealing, if not, a revolutionary one that bodes well with what participatory democracy is, and hence, a break from the bottomless corruption that drags this dreaded nation into spiralling hunger and violence and mistrust.

My Hunger

I have been praying for the gift of a leader. Whether I will cast my support as an ordinary citizen and unknown blogger for Among Ed remains under the rhythm of my own discernment. The mention of the political repercussions of his soon final decision to run does  not fall within my blogging goals. All I know is that politics is full of traps and temptations and they are now beginning to strut even before his discerned-over decision.

The kind of leader I have been praying and wishing for does not have to be “The Anointed One”; should not have a self-confessed or others-imposed sort of idea. I am praying for the lesser evil because I know that faith and politics are the strangest of bedfellows. I know that among the millions, I for one am hungry for a safe life in this country and so far, there are more serpents in our national desert that continue to bite ordinary travellers through grand machinations and abuse of their power and influence. That among the millions, I long for that political serpent in the desert who best heals our mistrust of government and hatred and greed. I know that there is a dangerous serpent in me. But I also know that it’s the same serpent of personal power and healing possibilities that I can trust and cannot be bought by the sneaky seductions of those who would hand in their “apples” come 2010 Election. It’s my saved serpent I have to believe and trust.


Photo Credit: Bikoy


12 thoughts on “Among Ed Panlilio and my Hunger for a Political Serpent in our Desert

  1. I was also surprised when I heard this in the news last night…

    Among Ed and Grace Padaca are two people in local politics that are viewed to be exemplars of ideal politicians… They were also tagged as “among those who carry the torch for the hope of good governance”.

    I cannot form an opinion as of now… But I believe that there is an oasis in this large desert…

    “Hope is a good thing… and no good thing ever dies.” – Shawshank Redemption

  2. di rin aq makapag coment pa for 2 reasons: di q maxado pa naabsorb ang entry (kelangan pa ulet basahin hehehe) or late ang reaction ko… mga after ilang hours pa or days hehee

  3. mahirap basahin minsan ang takbo ng ating kasaysayan bilang isang bansa….pero sa kasaysayan ng tao…marami ang mga bagay na nangyari na hindi inaasahan. We are all living in a certian point of our history…any decision…is very crucial to the shaping up of our being as a nation…..
    minsan mahirap maniwala ….na pwedeng mangyari ang mga bagay na hanggang sa oras na ito ay isang panaginip lamang….
    no millions…no political machinery….no enough political education….these are indeed limitations…..but can it be also an edge?…

    leaders are honed and made through times….true leaders emerge in times of troubles….
    could he be our political leader in this troubling times?
    I will discern….i will pray….i will study…..and at the end I will decide and act!

  4. I appreciate your sense of the mysterious you beautifully laid out Blu. The mysterious could always erupt anytime in our midst, and most often, they dismantle our well-entrenched idiosyncracies. I’m one in your prayers and discernment. It’s part of creating our destiny i presume.

  5. Sabi nga nila, there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel, i hope Among Ed will consider running for president, walang kwenta mga ibang presidentiables, spending too much on TV ads just to be noticed, i bet it’s taxpayer’s money, shame on them, nakaka irita na sila. it’s high time we get rid of trapos, corruption and the like. Among Ed, please run, save our ailing nation.

  6. Hi Rod, thanks for dropping by this tent. I am sharing with your hope. He could be the “lesser evil” in view of the presidentiables, and who knows, he could make a great contribution to the healing of this broken land.

  7. Me too. I will reserve my opinion regarding this matter. Its too early to tell and plus the fact that I really have doubts when it comes to Presidency. Governor and Presidency are two different thing by an obvious mile. Neutral muna ako. I dont want to sound “Yehey GoGo Go” then after I witness his weaknesses I will be his number one thorn in the blogosphere LOL.

    “There is a Balance between good and evil in the world. Eradicating evil entirely will disturb the balance. History will find ways to bring that balance back and sometimes, the evil will take form as more vicious and atrocious than the former which it replaces. That’s the nature of balance” – Beast, X-Men animated series during the “Beyond Good and Evil” episodes.

  8. Bluep, salamat sa pagdalaw kahit na nasa rurok ka ng iyong trabaho. Natawa ako dun sa pagiging possible thorn once malaman mo yung kahinaan ni Among Ed. Sa totoo lang, kahit na manalo pa sya, i don’t think he is the quick-fix solution to our national quandaries. He can possibly be a good leader within the evils of political spheres. Likewise, habang tumatanda tayo, parang nagiging mas realistic tayo. I suspect D’Fisher wore the same lens by allowing evil to grow side by side with righteousness. I luve the quote. Have a meaningful Holy Week kaibigan…

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