Funny Saturday With Sting

Got to watch this British TV show almost 5 years ago as part of our classroom learning (glad I still remember it, Michael). Last year, I watched this Youtube clip, part of the finale episode, and still love the humor. Sting’s “indecent” involvement here is outrageously funny. And the Anglican Woman-Vicar, irreverent as she has always been, rocks. Want some laughs? Range on your hearing to the British accent of this class of people. It is as well a Lenten lesson in insignificance:


11 thoughts on “Funny Saturday With Sting

  1. i do agree with you parekoy….i watched and rewatched this clip….outrageously funny…..and heartwarmingly delightful…

  2. “Vicar of D” is one of my favorite shows and of course “Keeping Appearances” — PBS Channel 13 at my end.

    I am fascinated with their (Brits) humor. Simple lang ang dialog og ang scene n. pero makakatawa giod ka. They don’t even have to use trash talk pero makangisi giod ka. Not the loud HAHAHA but the kind of smile nga kumbaga “intellectual” smile – – kung sa Bee gees pa “Everlasting Smile” nga magpabilin sa imong aping after the effect. Salamat sa connection igsoong Dfish.

  3. Wow naman! Hahaha.. Ang ganda naman nito! Tawa ako ng tawa.

    Every breath you take.. Hahah.. Buti napa-join nila si Sting dito. Grabeh. Fan ka po pala ni Sting noh? Di ko masyado halata kasi ang dami mong post about him. Hihi..

  4. I’ve been away for some days and it is good to be back here, at may bonus pang pampatawa. Nice po.

    Picking from Emilayskie’s comment, muntik ko na rin po itanong sa ‘yo if fan ka ni Sting kasi pang-ilang post mo na rin ito na may appearance si Sting 🙂

  5. Igsoong darbs, i used to watch Keeping Appearances back then, and likewise, I agree with the trademark, clean Brits humor.

  6. Emilayskie and Nortehanon – medyo fan lang ni Sting. Like Alice, i love the gravelly voice, and the poetry in his lyrics. Valparaiso has by far the most poetic, enchanting song I am a real fan of. If you’ve watched White Squall, you could imagine more the poignancy of the song against the sea disaster as the “backdrop”. Thanks for the appreciation…

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