Palm Sunday

fluvial-paradeD’Fisher today enters his own Jerusalem, the big one. When before this, there were only petty debates about the Torah and picking corn on Sabbath and fishing out curious listeners to his parables, this one appears like a fluvial parade in Boracay complete with media coverage. His boat happens to be just one ordinary among the ads-dressed, glittery ones. This was a religious fiesta afterall that’s crowd-drawing as The Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro or the Rose Parade in California. Each boat carries its own flair and prayer. His boat-donkey was clueless of the D’Fisher’s goal but must have sensed the flashes of cameras sprayed in-between. In this beach festival, many a boat-riders create equal claim as the best fishers in the island – as healers, peripatetic teachers, charismatic preachers, diviners, smart thinkers, and yes, charlatans. He was one fisher among the throng.

But somewhere a distance from the establishment, housed by a dilapidated hut of woobbly cocotree posts, is a federation of fake bottled water vendors, bugaws, gossipers from the Cathedral, and hawkers of pirated DVDs. At first, what appeared lousy a boat slowly caught their attention until the fisher-rider on it dazzled before their eyes. Actually, all they could remember was how he goofed about the social health hazard of buying and watching pirated DVDs of all Pacquiao”s fights. But that was enough for them to wave their plastic bottles and blaring voices and DVD holders. It was business as usual especially at the beach. Heaven registered the day as Palm Sunday for all the extra ripples of hands and bottles and voices. D’Fisher waved in return and whisper: “Welcome.”


Photo credit: restymail


4 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. Kapatid, kakaiba ito – paghalaw sa Linggo ng Palaspas sa modernong panahon….

    At kaya naman pala napakapamilyar ng picture kasi kuha ito sa Mactan Channel… 🙂 I have been here in Cebu for many years already but I haven’t seen the fluvial parade yet… 🙂

  2. modern version ng pag-unawa sa dakilang araw ng palaspas…..maganda at makapanahon…akma sa mga nakikiusyuso sa blog na ito….
    ang may mata….tingnan nyo!
    ang may tainga….pakinggan nyo!
    palaspas…isang paggunita sa 2009!

  3. CWW: oo nga, kahit ako, medyo nanibago din sa kakaibang tema. Tama ka, sa Mactan Channel to kapatid. Lumaki ako sa lawa kaya napaka-familiar sa akin ang fluvial procession. May you get a good rest this holy week…

  4. Blu: thanks for this encouraging comment. Pakiwari ko’y marami pang pwedeng kumaway dun sa kubo na yon. hehe. Isa na ako dun.

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