Happy Easter 2009 Everyone!

Papa Jesus,
I am not rich nor popular haha, candle
but I am famous to my family,
despite, or because of, my receding hairline.
Actually, my son loves malling,
that’s why he likes me.
I guess the space there,
affords some mental freedom.
He loves being free, at least spatially.
And sweet stuff, too.

Days before the Vigil,
I was mentally tormented, a residue of my previous post.
So I had vanilla cone twirl at Jollibee,
and read Kung and Moltmann,
and had wishing, floating candle at the foot of Mother.
Simple freeing moments: I am your playing child.

And the sweetest stuff?

when we held up our Easter candles in church,
lighting the darkness within.

Easter Vigil is over,
but the Light keeps burning,
even virtually.
So I pray:
bless my fellow bloggers
and curious readers
who visit this desert tent, pond, and playground.
May the blogging ground,
become our “mall of freedom,”
our simple response to Your call
to live as children of the Risen, Free God.

Happy Easter Everyone…
You, too Papa Jesus…


Photo credit: Alan’s photostream


14 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2009 Everyone!

  1. Natuwa naman po ako dun sa receding hairline Mr DFish. Hihi..

    Teka parang natakam ako sa vanilla cone twirl ng Jollibee. Huhu.. Gusto ko rin nun. Makabili nga.

    Happy Easter po ulit sa inyo Mr DFish!

  2. Happy Easter po! Tagal ko ding nawala, ngaun lang po ulet nakadalaw, cencia na..

    Join po kayo sa pakulo ko, pampalipas oras ngaung easter..


  3. Papa Jesus indeed! Happy Easter!

    O.T. Just curious what is the story of your protected pages DFish? Kaduha na giod ni sya nga naobserbahan ning ubos mong igsoon. Any explanation, igsoon? Salamat.

  4. Happy easter, kahit di kita kilala.
    avid fan ako ni miel & kai.heheh.
    i am also ur fan, kc naman, aliw ang mga
    comments mo kay miel…
    so feeling close na tuloy ako.hahah.
    anywayz..love ur blog!superrr!

    –may tanong lang ako:
    why Dfish?
    un lang…

  5. Thank you all for the Easter greetings. Jorge, it’s a neat idea you have.

    Melskiens – thanks for the friendster link of Fr. Marlon. He’s gone a long way from Compostela to the Catholic University of Nijmegen. He’s probably the most inquisitive mind in our group and the most eloquent. He’s a great teacher…By the way, one of the best books on spirituality i’ve read was by John Welch, O.Carm – Spiritual Pilgrims.

  6. Miel, ni-aso o wala, hihi. ikaw ha – wala ka sa renewal sa imong brod…

    khel – anyone is welkam here. thank you for dropping by and come as often as you want kahit na bagong gising ka pa lang. why dfish? sa old testament, fish symbolizes the gentiles. there’s always that gentile part in me that needs conversion to the D’Fisher, kaya yun. dfish. at isa pa, lumaki ako sa lake.

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