What’s up with the Scots, James?

Geez! Dr. James Hynds – you must be raising your eyebrows punctiliously these days everytime you introduce yourself as Scottish.

James was my classmate from Glasgow, but now works in UCLA as a bioethics professor and clinical ethicist. He was a former Dominican Blackfriar monk from Oxford. A blue-bodied Dominican, he always drowned me with quotes from Aquinas, and endlessly almost to the point of boredom, listened to him expound the principle of double effect. All of us in the classroom agreed he was a bar-hopping brilliant Aquinas scholar tutored by another Scottish scholar Professor Gerard Magill (now at Duquesne). Pardon me for cracking the book.

But who wouldn’t say it’s a bit of an eccentricity when instead of taking the school shuttle, you let the shuttle wheeze past you because you would rather walk the 2-km distance to school? And everytime I opened my umbrella on rainy days, you would laugh at me. I knew then how the Highlanders love the wet season. Geez – when you showed me your 1.0 grade for an essay on what else but double effect, you proudly showed me the attached comment: “Brilliant! You made the Scotsman proud!”

But Susan Boyle is changing the page of the pantheon roster of famous Scots, James. Sure, Susan would diverge from the likes of poet Robert Louis Stevenson, John Knox (I don’t care if you raise your brows again on this Calvinist reformer), the fat philosopher David Hume, and the medical genius penicillin inventor Alexander Fleming.But Susan Boyle is redefining greatness by being small, meek, playful, serving, and talented. So, among the list of these famous Scots, I am definitely adding Susan Boyle. I don’t have your email so if you are reading this, please do leave a comment. Don’t worry – it’s way far from where I am for beer to flood. Meanwhile, take a break from the intellectual world and have a good cry with this video:


8 thoughts on “What’s up with the Scots, James?

  1. And the keywords became flesh…

    Keywords: “Don’t judge the book by its cover”

    Flesh: Susan Boyle

    As always, you hit the right button brader. You should put a warning sign that says:

    Please watch “this video” at your own risk. Don’t hold back your feeling. Please CRY.

    Here is why? Susan Boyle’s voice alone could melt down your heart of stone and combined with “THIS VIDEO” = HEART ATTACK .


  2. She’s like a whiff of fresh air in a a very polluted environ …….. sans the pretension of today’s headline hugging celebrities. Bilib ako sa mga taong humble and unassuming and yet they evoke greatness. Hope she stays that way……

    I have been itching to see her video. Too bad, the firewall in the office prevents me from accessing it. It will be a must-see for me in the weekend.

  3. ahh God truly works in so many ways, you never know when He will answer..

    Susan inspire so many people!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Exodians, rossel, Amor, sandi – once in a while, it feels good to get united in the midst of dehumanizing divisions, by something beautiful. Thank you for sharing your positive vibs. Nothing is wasted, every positive thought and sense of well-being.

  5. Padayon DFish sa lawom mong pamalandong nga nakahatag ug giya sa ispirituhanong nagkagidlay nga diin sama sa desyerto sa pagtoo nga diin mas empty mas nagkalami… mas uhaw ug gutom – – mas mohandom sa pag-inom ug pagkaon sa pagtulun-an ug pagdawat kang Hesu Kristo Hesus…Kayati basad… tuod man…tuod gid na iya mga toto!

  6. In recent Days we would appear to be in the news again…and this time not for our singing! apparently, we are too compassionate!

    It is quite by chance that I came upon this entry on your blog. It is great to hear from you. How are you? where are you? and what are you doing?

    • Hi James, I’m glad you dropped by. Randomness is part of the world’s operation haha, but not towards some lostness of our human efforts. We get reconnected through the least or perhaps often misunderstood medium called blogging haha. I’m wasting my time here in my country haha, doing churchwork. I had a buzz from Gerry 3 days ago, asking his ref. I told him i took Hans Kung’s quirks seriously so i named my boy Hans. I’ll email you next. Sprinkle some Aquinas wisdom here if you want. Also, feel exotic of the language here because I get to vacillate between English (sorry, not Scottish and I know how CS Lewis used to dread England upon setting foot on the land haha) and our native languages. Great to hear from you…

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