Want Some Breathless Moments? Pray with the Pilobolus

We have witnessed the power of inner beauty emerging into an angelic voice in Susan Boyle. Now, here’s the hidden power of dance courtesy of this pair of floor genius named after a fungus – Pilobolus. The 13-minute dance itself is sort of a contemplative rendition the silence is so loud I cannot keep but blog it. I’m only learning to become internet-savvy so the video must have left some of you breathless as early as 2007. Warning: the whole performance is breathtaking it could put you into a trance, and your house on fire if you’re cooking.


13 thoughts on “Want Some Breathless Moments? Pray with the Pilobolus

  1. rossel, CWW, Sandi, Joshmarie, miel: i’m glad you enjoyed the video. it is a very difficult form of art one could not almost imagine it’s possible for the human body to almost defy gravity.

  2. artistically and skillfully executed..
    fluid like the water in the stream…
    emotionally and thought provoking…

  3. i had goosebumps watching it. however i felt uncomfortable. i asked myself why would i feel such thing as beautiful as this. perhaps because of my experiences, i feel uncomfortable seeing intense and intimate human touch…

  4. CWW: yes, even on me, it has a hypnotic, calming effect it can actually serve as good preparation for a silent prayer…

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