World Day of Vocations: What’s Nourishing Your Call?

Today, May 3, 2009, is Vocations Sunday, and the heart of the gospel about open-mindour Good Shepherd brings home again the timeless message that I am a sheep and a shepherd in my own little pasture. I am called to tend with the most tender care I can the sheeps within my fold – my family, my co-workers, my friends, my neighbors, and even my “enemies”. Equally, I am called to a humble state of receiving any act of care, no matter how small – a shared viand, a greeting, an assurance of a prayer, shared time, and many others.

beyond-the-walls Becoming my own shepherd demands learning – learning especially to listen to the Voice who always calls, familiar as a breath yet often taken for granted because it can linger like an athlete’s foot, annoying yet routinely loyal in some sense. But bottomline, the Voice is a call to healing, to a “renewal of the mind”. Becoming my own shepherd is learning to follow the Voice where I am.

It is also learning from the voices who take the risk of following. In my case, the voice of the layman Saint Benedict and of those who recognize  the Voice in him. Among the Benedictine voices who guide/d me include those of Trappist monk Fr. Thomas Keating, writer Paul Wilkes, Anglican scholar Esther de Waal, Sister Joan Chittister, and spiritual writer Renee Miller. Shepherds and sheeps in their own ways, worth learning and listening from. The rest of the equally challenging voices are in the kitchen, seeking-godrestroom, slum areas, wet market, congested roads, empty wallets, constipated stomachs, lurid billboards, swimming pools, or empty silent chapels.

Have a blessed Sunday of Vocations…


2 thoughts on “World Day of Vocations: What’s Nourishing Your Call?

  1. A calling is the constant hearing of the Caller. Everyone is called, we just tune out the divine voice every now and then. But His constancy never fades. Nourishing and making sure of our calling is an everyday act of praying, talking and listening to Him. We may never have the highest, grandest calling by world’s standards but it is honor enough to follow Him and His humblest calls.

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