Benedictine Bishop Admits He’s Gay

At this juncture of history when the story of gay-turned-political-activist Harvey Milk, played adroitly and the plus of an Oscar win by newly separated Sean Penn is being embraced more popularly, a big “gay news” simultaneously is hitting America. Benedictine bishop Rembert Weakland admits publicly and through his memoir his struggles as a pillar of the Church and the fact of being gay.

I can remember Weakland, one great scholar and public speaker, and how I flavored some of my “high school” public notes from his reflections from The Catholic Digest. For such a public confession, he remains quotable indeed, for it remains congruent with the spiritual courage as a Benedictine that he has modelled for through all his years as a servant of the Church. His road was never easy, perhaps, more consistent with the “narrow way” that the Gospels would always flash on the highway. Claim there was that he had to settle a case with the amount of  $450,000. Nothing could get financially and psychologically narrower than this! But here he is, in full regalia of honesty, and with so many walls of Catholic opinions to hurdle. I hope Roman Catholics worldwide can opine their way to compassion, and celebrate his way out of the narrow road onto a happy retirement.


12 thoughts on “Benedictine Bishop Admits He’s Gay

  1. Hey, waz up with neither confirm nor deny. @coolwaterworks – hahaha… pag-andito ka sa lugar ko kapatid… wag na wag mong banggitin na ang pagka badingskie is what you believe. For them ang pagkabading ay hindi challenge nor weakness nor sin nor kalaswaan nor disease… it is the THIRD sex man…There is nothing wrong with them unless…

    They are the third of the trinity…MALE and Female AND them/gay and lesbian.

    Ang sabi ng isang kaibigan na sya na ata ang pinakamalas sabi pa…bro, ako na ang pinakamalas na tao…bakit? think about this

    …bading na,
    Itim pa,
    and a Muslim

    Yan ang description sa pinakamalas na tao sa ibabaw nga mundo sabi pa ni kaibigan.

  2. Blu, likewise, i express the same admiration.

    Exodians, medyo napa-type ka doon sa “challenge at weakness” tandem ni Coolwaterworks ah. CWW point sustained. Exodians point sustained. In a way, naging kahinaan at hamon na rin in view of their vow of celibacy. But biologically and to some extent behaviorally, hindi primarily weakness at challenge ang isang pagiging gay. Yes, I like to count in like you said ang social context ng mga bading…

  3. Thanks the Fish… sana maintidihan ni coolwaterworks na ang exodians’s explanation is in terms of SOCIAL CONTEXT … but same ang hamon straight, gay lesbian WHO ARE PRACTICING CELIBACY AND CHASTITY.

    Meaning kung si Ben pa…you can be gay but still celibate and chaste.

    We know dinhi sa among silingan nga very religious and HINDI SYA MALANDING bading…kay naa man giod ning mga malandi.

    Mahibaloan giod nimo ning ilang capacity kay dili man giod ni sila makaagwantan, mokusi giod sa atua. hahaha! SA BATA PA SI DARBS baaa!

    I think the Filipino culture is tolerant sa hisgutanang badingskie. Wa giod tay problemang mga Pinoy ining mga kaliwata oy.

    Pero ayaw gamita ang imong pagkabading kung may gahom ka na. THAT IS ANOTHER STORY!

    Then ari imo ay! PITIK SA ILANG DALUNGGAN LABI NA GIOD SA KANAHAN nga ang pangalan na rhyme sa paring bungoton!

    PITIK! sa imong panaad Padre nga you will bring down with you ANG linghod nga kahoy… what for? Kay wa ka makapangukoy?

    You could not and would not…
    trained tawon sya sa iyang amahan nga dating lider sa mga bugoy sa baroy ang anak sa dating agawong yutaan.

    By the way, hoy mga rector! ang mga siminarista ninyo mao ang pinaka tsismosong nilalang sa tibook kalibutan. KABALO MI TANAN SA ISTORYA SA INYONG MATAG-USA…kay mga tsismoso lagi ug dali lang makapenetrate sa sekreto sa uban… hahaha!

  4. “you can be gay but still celibate and chaste.”

    This sums up the Rule for gay religious/clergies (at least in the RC).
    And I couldn’t agree more: being chaste means,beyond sexual talks, also being cunning before the seduction of abuse of power…

  5. there are two things in being gay according to some religious psychologist like fr. benedict groeschel: 1) homosexual in practice which means the guy is active in homosexual activities and 2) homosexual in orientation which means he doesnt engage in homosexual activities but only has a tendency to be attracted to men over women.

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church always stressed that the Church loves gay people but not the homosexual activities. This has been my clear definition on this issue ever since. That’s why I get irritated by gay activist when they stresses that the church doesnt accept them which in fact is in contrary to what the church teaches. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

    What gay activists always try to use as an argument is that the catholic church never accepts their homosexual activity. Of course because its by nature unnatural for both men to get married and have sex.

    You can be gay without having sex with another man and living celibate and chaste. This is the major tone that girlalus doesnt get.

    Kaya sometimes when I hear news that gay people are attacking the Pope and shouting “homophobic”. I always smirk and say to myself: yeah right! scapegoats.

    compassion is for the human being, but not for the sin. Thats why God destroyed sodom and gomorrah not because of the people but the sin.

    when will they ever understand. Nuff said!

    BTW, I admire the bishop. Its not easy to tell the world you are Darna wherein people really thought that you are Capt Barbell. And I think God loves gay people who are celibate and chaste.

  6. @ Exodians, nagulat ako dun ah… 🙂

    @ Darbs, I do undertand Exodian’s context…

    Maybe sometimes we need to step back and look through veneers. They are as human as we are, and whether we like it (or else) or not, they are still God’s children. 🙂

  7. Bluep, thank you for taking the time to jot down this clear distinction. Very much in consonance with Cardinal Rosales distinction between “inclination” and “acting out”. You have a way of simplifying heavy stuff kapatid…

  8. wala namang masama dyan basta disente at tapat sa paniniwala. pero nakakabilib ang mga taong sadyang kay tapang para aminin iyan. kita lang na wala siyang tinatagong masama.

    ang mga mandidiri ay siyang masama, tama? 🙂

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