Funny (Irreverent) Quotes About Religion


3 thoughts on “Funny (Irreverent) Quotes About Religion

  1. isnt it, this the way we think about HIM?
    and the response is…
    hindi ako..
    lalo namang hindi ako…
    salamat sa Itaas….
    sobrang pasalamat ako kay God, at saka sa mga sponsors ko…Adidas, Mary’s Salon, Vicki Bellow….
    funny….man did not really change all through these years!

  2. wa ko kabalo unsay ikoment pero nice hehe gus2 nako tong nangawat na lang xa ug bike… kanindot sundugon hehehe joke

  3. Blu – i like the way you put it minus the make-up. The human consciousness – always in need of constant renewal.

    Miel – Just hang on to this Chinese proverb: “In case of doubt, say no.” Hihi.

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