How Much Did Manny Pacqiuao Earn from His Last Fight?

Yep, economic advisers, ordinary consumers, and regular and irregular earners have felt the grip of the crisis. Can you stomach this job ad that is hiring a writer/editor of books for school use but is paying 8,000pesos? What do they think of bookwriting, as easy as gulping a hollowed pandesal? And another ad wants to employ a female editor not more than 25 years old? Whatever happen to the “experience factor” for getting a job these days? Through the pages of job ads, one could sense how qualifications are getting more tight to the point of discriminating. Forget about EOE in this Christian country. There’s an endless array of applicants anyway to choose from. It seems some companies are taking advantage of the crisis.

job fair

And if there’s one guy who seem unaffected in some adverse ways by the crunch and the economic cornering, it’s from this COOORRNEEER, from Sarangani Province – MAAAANNNY PAK-KI-YAW!
Reportedly, our Manny has earned – hold your breath folks – 12 million US dollars for that Pacqiuao-Hatton fight alone. And Newsbreak says it’s only $4 million short from the total $16 million of foreign direct investments (FDIs) that the country attracted for the month of February.
In every economic rule, I assume, there’s always an exception. Manny, this time happens to be the exceptional exception. For the meantime, I have to suspend my definition of fairness and bask in the glory he brings to the country.


Photo credit: pmt007 (Job fair in Glorietta)


18 thoughts on “How Much Did Manny Pacqiuao Earn from His Last Fight?

  1. Life is not fair. And in the a capitalist society this is what it is…matira ang matibay…survival of the fittest. Manny will pay his taxes as mandated by law and rest is his. Simpol as that. It is up to him if he will use some of the money for investment to create job.

    Anybody can be a boxer. Many are called to become a boxer but few are chosen to become a champion or be part of a CIRCLE.


  2. This is really idea darbs, for Manny to use his millions to create more industries…
    Christian realism ang mode natin ngayon ah…

  3. Manny……… to the rescue of the economy!!??? Maybe he is industry to some political bigwigs like you know who and some pretty babes…… Call me cynical Dfish……. I don’t know if Manny with million dollars has got what it takes to help our ailing economy….. He brings glory to the country but I have yet to see him rise above his own person …… he is even thinking of joining politics…… be very scared….

  4. Hih, thanks Amor. Perhaps, rescue is too messianic a word, and yes, need for vigilance there must be because typical in most politicians, we’re seeing this messianism in him now. Maybe, we can put it as mildly as creating cottage industries of slippers out of water lilies or franchising computer schools affordable enough in provinces…Hihi, sensya na. In my idle moments lang Amor…

  5. sa takbo ng buhaynatin ngayon….malinaw na pera, karangyaan at kapangyarihan ang nagpapaikot sa ating masalimuot na mundo….may pera ka sikat…..
    mahirap marahil ang maintindihan ang kalagayan ni Manny…kabi-kabila kaya ang nakapulupot sa kanya ngayon…bawat isa nag-ooffer ng formula nila….
    kahit ako masisilaw din sa kinang ng kasikatan at mabibingi sa ingay ng hiyawan…
    mas mahirap si Manny….kung hindi sya mag-iingat magiging salat sya sa tunay na diwa ang buhay na ito…
    DFish…wag na nating asahan…kung gagawa sya ng kabutihan..magaling! kahit ano man ang kanyang motibo: pultika, spiritwal, makabayan…kanya na lang iyon.
    everybody, well not everybody perhaps is seeing in him that messianic dream…pero sa aking palagay…hindi sa kanya ko nakita…
    alam mo at alam ko kung ano ang tunay na mas mahalaga!
    wheew…sori medyo napahaba na yata…pero very interesting kasi itong post mo ngayon…napapaisip talaga ako…salamat muli parekoy!
    siyanga pala..itanong mo na!

  6. papa bob arum is worried about manny’s earnings, ehehe!

    and the BIR is grinning. 😀 slamt sa pagbisita sa blog ko…. hope to meet the gang para sa kulitan ehehe

  7. kaya naman di nakakapagtaka na may discrimination sa ibang bansa dahil dito pa lang sa pinas meron na..alin? e di ba pag di ka na edad 18-25 tapos na ang karir mo kung anuman ang alam mo sa buhay…di ka na nila tatanggapin sa work kahit pede ka naman sa posisyon na yon

  8. Oh, wait, I’ve read that’s not the only amount he earned. Isama mo pa po ang pay per view earnings and that a whole looooooot more! But I hope hindi niya makalimutan that real wealth does not come from any material earnings 😉

  9. Ok lang naman si Manny….. wag lang sanang pagamit….. actually naiinggit lang siguro ako sa kanya hehehe

    Have a meaningful Sunday Dfish!

  10. I agree with Amor, sana wag lang syang pagagamit sa ibang tao. Gamitin nya ng wasto ang pera nya at wag syang gumaya sa mga boksingero na napariwara…

    Musta kapatid?

  11. But then, he did work his way to 12M bucks since he was 16. Not a lot of people would want to be punched for about 12 years without being paid somewhat. Although, I agree with your premise “naghihirap na nga ang mga tao, how can they cough up that kind of money”.

    He did put his life on the line, and I guess the overhead of his training, adverts, his consorts, expenses that made the fight possible was paid. It is all business diba? Even if it were just entertainment for regular people like us, there is more to the fight than what we see. All commercial sports, NBA, MBA, what-have-yous are businesses, they’re out to make money.

    The thing is, if anyone can break-in into that business (by who you know, by talent, by sheer ambition–LeBron and Yao Ming and others) will for sure get a huge chunk of the business profit. The player is the face of the business.

    Therefore, Manny had worked so hard to become the face of world boxing, he deserves to profit from it. Assuming that he will retire and get old sooner than what we think, he should take as much as he’s offered. Dahil kahit gaano kagaling ng isang tao, mayron pang mas magaling sa kanya. Fact of life lang.

    Pasensya na ang haba ng diskursyon ko. Di naman ako na-disagree sa iyo. Napadaldal lang.

  12. companies that are taking advantage of the crisis sucks.

    of course manny’s not affected with the global economic crisis. he just bought a mansion (for the nth time). ok lang kase pinaghirapan nya yun. sana lang…wag sya pagamit sa mga tusong pulitiko.

    hope you had a great weekend, dfish!

  13. Christian realism ang mode natin ngayon ah…

    You got it right but not easy in practice because of greed, no more no less. Before I don’t understand how anybody can be so selfish so greedy and power hungry… but it can be done. because once you taste that power…you will cling on it and sharing is more than impossible. giving fish is not an option but teaching how to fish and the capital for fishing…

  14. Thank you all for taking the time to write down your comments. I’m taking some cues from you all and your “options” for MP. Mahalia – I agree, Manny his millions the hard way and with so much fatal occupational hazards but then again, the mega-business side of his “work” and the players alongside Manny, they also make the millions happen. Blu – yes, it’s Manny’s ultimate call on what to do with his money based on the hierarchy of his values i am presuming.
    Welcome pareng elmot at bryan karl…But one thing seems boiling among us: we don’t want a celebrity boxer at the House, right?

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