Lebron James: Some Dose of Medicine

Blogging was down. So is my immune system. Except for those prolonged James bouts with asthma back in my elementary days (miraculously, it disappeared when I climbed high school), I’ve never been this psychosomatically sick this long (more than 1 week). There’s something in being sick that’s easily depressing, mentally torturing. I could not even open my Breviary for my regular prayers. I have no internet at home and so thought it’s one good thing. For those who left comments and remain unanswered, thank you. This is my excuse.

But I cannot lie on bed that long without getting bored and the boobtube provided some escape. For all the scandals, I have to keep guard my reaction, careful not to aggravate the distress by overreaction. I guess it is fair to say that watching the ongoing Eastern and Western Conference NBA Finals keeps me away from the seduction of depression. I admit I’m a child of the Jordan-mania era, way before the swoosh signature was pirated like sex videotapes. After MJ, I thought the NBA has lost its drawing power and marketability. I think it did even with the grooming of the likes of Tracy McGrady or the “Gentle Giant” O’Neal. The NBA fame fallout is only to be gradually coralled by the parallel genius of Kobe Bryant, now playing for the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets of another complete cager in Carmelo Anthony. Kobe remains awesome, equalling, if not, even surpassing some of MJ’s skills on the floor. But wait – here’s one more reason to get back to the NBA with excitement. It’s Lebron James! He’s as awesome as Kobe and he got more age advantage which means he has more time to mature as an individual player and a team leader. But the way he plays and leads the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Orlando Magic for the Eastern Conference Finals, averaging 40 points per game, James is simply the best. It’s one of those commonplace miracles – I’m enjoying the Finals even without betting.


8 thoughts on “Lebron James: Some Dose of Medicine

  1. Welcome back to the blogging world kapatid…
    I hope that you are now doing fine and back to your full form…

    Pareho pala tayo… After MJ, nawalan na rin ako ng gana sa NBA, hanggang ngayon… 😀
    Inaabangan ko rin noon yung mas naunang MJ at si Larry Bird…

    It’s one of those commonplace miracles

    Indeed, this is very much true… Especially with Michael… Hehehe…

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  3. Thanks Mark, Blu, totomel, Amor for the positive thoughts you sent. Likewise, I miss visiting your tents and be fed…

  4. Miel, pilay pildi nimo, hahaha. Sometimes i like kobe, sometimes i dislike him for some unknown reasons. hihi…

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