Search for Happiest Pinoy: And the Cash Prize?

Are you consistently happy, optimistic, cheerful in this country despite the stink of the pink urinals along the streets, or the constant flooding in your neighborhood rainy or non-rainy season? If you are, or think you are, then chance is you might be an ideal nominee, and who knows, will be the runaway winner for the Search for the Happiest Pinoy.

“A P200,000 tax-free cash prize awaits the Filipino who is constantly cheerful, optimistic, has the ability to rise above life’s challenges, and has a positive impact on other people’s lives.

“We’ve been talking about this for more than two years now. We want to show the world that Filipinos are happy,” said Philippe J. Lhuillier, chairman of the Lhuillier Group and Philippine Ambassador to Italy.

The Search for the Happiest Pinoy, a project by Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions is the first of its kind in the country.

It is open to any Filipino of legal age residing in the Philippines. Nomination forms can be obtained from Lhuillier branches nationwide, or downloaded from its website –” Read the rest of the news and the criteria here. Good luck…



Photo credit: Krysta Larson


18 thoughts on “Search for Happiest Pinoy: And the Cash Prize?

  1. i wonder will charlie chaplain react on this…i just hope that this wont go plainly on the humor basis but on the infectious happiness that a person could make. happiness is more of touching lives, and it takes a saint to win a game.

    if only Fr. Heinz is a Filipino, he would have been fitted to score a 200, 000 php – an amount large enough to sustain the laughters of the street children in Colon.

    tay sa igsoon, kaila ka ni Fr. Heinz? 🙂

  2. Aba kapatid, kakaiba nga ang pakontes na ito… 😀 At napangiti ako dun sa baby… hehehe…

    Perhaps, one of the strengths (and at the same time weakness) as a race is that we have the ability to laugh at ourselves, we are easily contented and we tend to be generally happy. We also tend to find humor in the most serious, scandalous and even historic issues. We are easily contented with dole outs. Hindi ako naniniwala sa isang yearly research na naglalathala ng mga pinakamaliligayang bansa, kasi mali ang metrics ang nila…

    Para sakin no.1 ang Pinas kung kaligayahan ang pag-uusapan. Kaya, tama lang ang pakontes na ito… And I am delighted when I read the names of the judges. Persons of good character… At happy ako dahil parang implied na hindi included sa criteria ang financial power… 😀

  3. hi po… got the form on this na po.. and i wanted to nominate my mom… hehehe…

    its just that wala pa akong mga supporting docus… ehhehe…

    nwei, its gud na may mag ganitong contest, atls for some reasons pwede pa rin palang maging masaya ang mga pinoy despite wat is happening in our country.. ehhe

  4. bay totomel – kaila gyud. One of the greatest metaphysicians around i think so because only from him did i understand Kant’s major thoughts (kana bang morag gihatagan ka lang ug isa o duha ka piktyur about what critique of pure reason and the whole semester makes sense from there.)

  5. Wow! Talgang merong ganito? hehehe..

    Actually, para sa akin, pinoy ang pinakamasayahing tao sa balat ng lupa. Despite of all the problems and pain, nakukuha pa nating tumawa at magpatawa. Sabi nga mga bosses ko dito na british, bakit daw ang mga pinoy laging nakangiti kahit puro problema, ang sabi nmn namin, puro problema na nga, sisimangot pa eh di lalong pumangit? hehehe..

  6. Blu, ingenious na parang non-applicable in my case. Too pensive often mukha ko pero madalas din lumalabas din ang pagka-childlike pag may mga bata na kasama…

    Promking, welcome sa munting tolda sa disyerto…Baka meron kang pwedeng i-nominate. Gaya ni Yhen, mommy nya. Yhen, what a great way to honor your Mom. Tuloy mo lang…

  7. heheh… i agree igsoon, he is very graphical in presenting Kant and so with other philosophers which i also wish that our Filipino mentors should practice.

    nya, musta naman imong gibati ron? amping kanunay 🙂

  8. Mao gyud – mora’g opposite ni Maam Velez haha. Yes, Fr. Heinz has such a playful, childlike spirit. Ok na ako. You know – i got some positive dose sa imong “Newtonian post” – there is peace after the storm…Are you doing phd at UP? Regards sa akong kababayan – si Prof. Peter Sy. Kaila na sa ako kaayo…

  9. not yet igsoon…MA pa..but im taking Social Science instead of philosophy although i have deeply loved philosophy.hehehe

    hahaha…you know what i really miss about Ms Velez are the graffiti that badly bespoke of her :

    1.” Ms Velez, pahulay na kay usa na lang ka ugat ang nagana nimo.”

    2. ABC- press button “A” to undress Ms Velez.hahaha

    galawgaw jud kaayo and mga philo majors nuh? hay, i just miss the days we lingered in Room 340 ug muistorya sa kung kinsa may nisuot ug “T-Bak” hahaha

  10. My French students often comment on their countrymen as whiners. I told them perhaps because they are used to comfortable lives opposite to Filipinos who are used to working hard and sufferings. However, compared to other 3rd world countries, we truly are happier people 😀 We always see the brighter side of life… God bless us all!

  11. Bro Totomel – haha, sori pero kung makadumdom ko ni Maam Velez, it comes with the pensive mood of Halloween. Parang mga Halloweeners kasi, pabalik-balik sa imong balay ang point…

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